It’s early summer, and women in many places are already wearing dresses. One of the disadvantages of being able to wear a skirt is that you are afraid of going away, and while it’s not very hot yet, it’s good to match leggings. If you think it’s ugly to add leggings, then the layered shape of the following Japanese “leggings + dress” can be referred to.

Summer white leggings to match


This year’s popular mint green dress with a loose silhouette. With white leggings, you can wear a natural freshness. Wear mesh sandals on your feet to give your look a refreshing summer feel.


This shirt dress is army green for a casual and mature look, paired with white leggings. The combination of green and white can be refreshing. Incorporate stylish brown PVC bags into your look and enjoy outing-style summer outfits.


If you are worried about a beige shirt dress that looks plain, you can pull the collar open to shape it to enhance the sophistication of the outfit. Pair it with white leggings to create an outfit for early summer!


It is recommended to tie a belt over a linen-blend shirt dress to emphasize the body line and create the elegant feeling of a light mature woman. If you layer white leggings, it will be more fashionable. The color of the belt and leggings is uniform, it will be good.


For dress styling that wants to add a feminine touch to a casual look, lace leggings are recommended. Let the delicate lace stand out from the pleated dress to create an elegance.

Summer black leggings to match


A dress in sporty stretch fabric is paired with black leggings for a healthy aesthetic with a feminine body line. Use summer accessories, such as hats and mesh bags, to complete the stylish look.


Choose a clean and neat oversized white T-shirt split dress. Let’s combine black leggings with little white shoes for a lightweight summer outfit.


Just add a random pair of leggings to make the white x black monochromatic look more layered. The trick to dressing well is to pair sandals on your feet and it will feel good to show the instep.


Another fashion trend this summer is the polka dot pattern. Let’s “cool down” the girly polka-dot ruffle dress with black leggings and make it less sweet. Holding a summer transparent PVC bag in hand, the stylish look with a high-class retro feel is complete.


A black top and black polka-dot skirt, a pair of black leggings were chosen to create an urban look. The black silhouette creates a chic personality, while it is paired with light gray accessories to add to the lightness of summer.


Pair a light green shirt skirt with black leggings for a sophisticated casual style. Black canvas sneakers would fit.

Summer beige leggings to match


The fresh mint green shirt skirt also goes well with beige leggings. The silver color on the feet gives off a high-quality glow. It is recommended that women in their 30s and 40s choose this summer look, which is fashionable and age-reducing.


The beige dress and beige leggings are paired, and the mature luster is fascinating. The dress is paneled with pleats, revealing the split cuffs of the leggings from the hem, highlighting the sleek aesthetic.


The black dress, which fits the line of the body, makes people feel sexy. It would be nice to wear beige leggings + sneakers + hat to complete the athleisure style.


The V-shaped neckline sharpens the lines of the face, and the cinched waist creates a feminine silhouette. It is recommended that women between 30 and 40 years old choose this navy blue shirt dress that makes you feel noble. Let’s create a demure mature summer look with beige leggings and snake-print sandals.

Summer gray leggings to match


Summer outfit with a beige dress and gray leggings. Introducing sandals with a snake pattern for an urban touch.


The protagonist of this look is an army green dress. If you opt for gray leggings and a belt bag, the look will be sublimated into a summer look that combines casual and sporty flair.


T-shirt dress with letters at the back, large silhouette. A little bit of gray leggings visible from the hem is a trick to fashion. Black sneakers tighten the lightweight summer look will be good.


Loose T-shirt dress x layered styling of dark gray leggings. The focus is on integrating the belt bag into the look, drawing the eye upwards to achieve the styling effect.


The navy dress highlights the intellectual sensibilities of women in their 30s and 40s. Light grey leggings for a bold summer feel, paired with silver shoes and a blue bag to add colour to the look.

Summer UNIQLO leggings match


UNIQLO’s leggings were layered over a very large T-shirt dress. Bring out the spring and summer vibe and femininity by adding some delicate details such as PVC bags and scarves with bamboo handles.


This one is a split dress that can be worn as a long cardigan with UNIQLO leggings and a black camisole underneath. Complete a sleek, mature summer outfit with a bag with bold lettering.


It is recommended that mature women choose this dark pink wrap dress to show off their elegant personality. Combine UNIQLO leggings with leopard print shoes to create a mature summer outfit that blends elegance and fashion.


The bloated horizontal striped T-shirt dress is balanced with UNIQLO leggings. Pair it with black sneakers and other men-like accessories to make your summer look more sporty.


Refreshing blue shirt dress with UNIQLO leggings. If you wear Oxford shoes, it will be the fashion style that Mannish will match in summer.


Light beige shirt dress with Uniqlo leggings creates a fresh and stylish look. Carrying a snake-patterned bag, it’s a summer outfit that combines nature with sophisticated urban style.

Summer GU leggings to match


A brown dress with a vintage texture goes well with GU leggings, and the choice of sports sandals on the feet will be suitable for summer.


Light brown is also recommended in summer, as it creates a relaxed mood. GU leggings and dresses, combined into a monochromatic outfit, but paired with black sneakers, creates the impression of sporty fashion.


GU leggings pair with split T-shirt dresses, adding hats and belt packs to complete your mature resort style.


A dress with a sense of nature with a pleated skirt at the back, which has a ladylike atmosphere. Combined with GU split leggings, you’ll feel “summery” and perfectly shaped.


The striped T-shirt skirt is paired with GU leggings, and the gray leggings make the black and white striped T-shirt design stand out. If you choose a unique leather bag and sports sandals, you will finally complete a men’s summer look with an avant-garde effect.


In early summer, due to the rapid change in temperature, it will be convenient to have a light coat or shirt. A romantic white dress paired with GU leggings and a military-inspired shirt to complete the “sweet and spicy” mix-and-match look.


White T-shirt dress with gray leggings. Sneakers and hats are added for a sporty feel. In early summer, wearing a military-style shirt to create a street-style look is very popular in Japan.

Summer Shimamura leggings match


A beige sweatshirt dress can be paired with pale green striped leggings to enjoy a natural color combination. Let’s complete our plain summer outfit with white canvas sneakers.


The vintage-style dress is very romantic with Shimamura’s lace leggings. Completing a light mature summer outfit with natural feel mules will make it feel good.

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