Note: Because the model is too old, it uses its G1 picture, please forgive me

Note: The questions are all from the posts of “interest tribe” digital enthusiasts, I did not hack any mobile phones, please know.

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Every time at this point in time, the sect leader always wants to share the classic feelings of the mobile phone with everyone, the reason why one every day is just because although the past mobile phone has been discontinued, but the meaning and soul are still there, and sometimes its value is far greater than the current flagship mobile phone (after all, things are scarce and expensive)

Past Review

Whether you are a regular reader or a new reader, here will help you review the topics of previous issues,

Like the Meizu MX2 (

From 2499 yuan to 181 yuan, it was once known as the “narrowest border” mobile phone

), Meizu MX(

From 2999 yuan to 130 yuan, it was once called the “world’s narrowest border” mobile phone

), Huawei G6 (

From 1566 yuan to 407 yuan, once a thin and fashionable mobile phone


From 2498 yuan to 608 yuan, it was once known as the world’s thinnest + strongest sound quality mobile phone

), Honor 7, BBK fan-like mobile phones, etc

Review of the time this phone was released

Today’s price (currently only flagship G1)

What is today’s protagonist?

In fact, this mobile phone is HTC Dream, which was also a high-powered mobile phone at that time.

Although the system uses “Google Android”, the smoothness of operation is obviously high (there are really few people who complain about it at the time) also

Xu is the truth of “scarce is expensive” I mentioned earlier, and this hand is also the world’s first mobile phone with only Android system (although it is Google) It is by “American operator T-Mobile USA” has good functions, such as “3G network support, large screen touch, full keyboard, etc.”, its competitors at that time are also many, such as “Symbian, Apple, Windows Mobile” can see the strong factor, have you ever had?


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