In addition to handicraft elements and crystal chandelier styles, the must-have jewelry outfits for spring and summer 2019 also include gorgeous giant earrings and personalized chain earrings, providing a variety of surprise highlights for day-to-day wear.

Below, the editor has helped you sort out 5 popular jewelry trends, let’s ride the wave of hyperplarianism and create a clearer and more fashionable image with exquisite jewelry!

1. Giant ring

The trend of earrings, giant circles, which began last year, has attracted countless fans in fashion arenas such as runways and streets, but in the spring and summer of 2019, you will find that high-profile thick circles are more popular than slightly more detailed thin circles, and they can be simple, exaggerated, and can be presented in different shapes and materials (such as metal, pearl, tortoiseshell), which are popular among fashionable women.

2. Coin badge elements

Coins and medals are two elements that have never been absent from the jewelry trend, and the cultural characteristics of different countries are reflected in this small object averaging less than 3 centimeters, and the intricate totems, patterns and symbols on it always exude a mysterious historical atmosphere, and a single coin can be made into a textured necklace or combined with gemstones and metalwork elements, which can immediately add a unique personality to the outfit.

3. Astrology style

Remember Givenchy’s constellation jewelry collection last year? Creative director Clare Waight Keller inspired the 12 zodiac signs to create poetic earrings and pendants, elegant and gorgeous textures that are seamlessly intertwined with the image of the modern woman, and partly reflect the fact that “astrological style is gradually becoming the mainstream trend in jewelry”.

Whether it is the symbol on the compass of the constellation, the mysterious totem of the Big Dipper, or the more popular stars and moons, they can all be transformed into beautiful makeup spots around the ears and neck in their own style, and explore the vast unknown universe through accessories with endless imagination.

4. Garden imagery

The timeless theme of designers and artists, flowers, also shined on the spring/summer 2019 runway, with Versace and Simone Rocha depicting flowers in coloured gemstones and transparent plastic, respectively; After getting off the runway, we can also see the miniature enamel garden outlined with realism, lifelike plant specimens, and the flowers and leaves sculpted by metalworking techniques, etc., portraying the vivid and beautiful appearance of the flowers lightly, whether you advocate minimalist classic outfits or intricate styles of extravagant romance, floral themed jewelry will always be your first choice for decoration.

The high-profile eye-catching draped earrings must have impressed many fashionable girls who pursue a personal image, just imagine: what would it be like to wear an entire crystal lamp hanging from the court as an earring, or hang an ornament element that is the size of a fruit to the ear. Try these trendy accessories this summer!

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