Girl pink can be described as the most popular color of the majority of little fairies,

It is not only effective in whitening

, and it is also worth mentioning in expressing small freshness and girly feeling.

In addition, pink is also very multifaceted,

Depending on the style of the clothes, different effects are shown

, or cute, or gentle.

Pink is also very age-reducing, so pink is really worthy of being the representative color of women, as for what are the mysteries of pink, let’s follow the pace of the editor to explore together!

Pink is often more suitable for dresses,

And borrowing and referring to the pink skirt matching of female celebrities, which is still very helpful to enhance their temperament.

Zhao Liying’s pink skirt matching is worth referring to.

Material choice for pink dress

Pink gauze evening dress

For girls full of fantasy, a pink gauze evening dress is really a dream for all girls.

It is recommended to choose an all-pink evening dress, pink fills the entire eyeball,

Some red polka dots can be added to the skirt, which can play a good embellishment effect and make the skirt more colorful.

For women with a slimmer upper body, a design with a tight top and a wide bottom can be adopted

The fluffiness of the lower body sets off the upper body more slender. The chest may wish to use some flowers made of gauze folds, and the overall look is more fairy.

Mesh paneled skirt

The pink skirt is so fairy,

If you can decorate it with flowers made of light yarn,

The whole person looks like a fairy of flowers, intoxicated with flowers, as if with its own fragrance.

In addition, the sleeveless design is used,

It can appear that the arms and shoulders have a special skinny beauty,

The lines of the collarbone are also particularly soft.

The skirt can be added with a silver ring design and made a blingbling embellishment, and the overall look is exquisite and high-class.

If the skirt is designed with a slim fit

, able to wrap the body tightly and show the curves of the body generously.

If the sense of line is not very strong,

The pleated design can be used to create a slim fit for a fluffy fit

, such a design can also set off the body is particularly tall, light pink, so that the skirt looks pink and tender, shrouded in a playful feeling, but elegant and atmospheric.

If you want to be lazy about the choice of shoes,

Then choose the style of the long dress.

For the choice of hairstyle and jewelry, just comb a beautiful hairstyle,

Blanch a small elastic roll, then put on a fine and shiny necklace,

By the way, draw a beautiful light makeup, and it will look particularly perfect.

Cut selection for pink skirts

Pink princess dress

The princess dress, as the name suggests, is of course a very gorgeous looking dress,

The pink princess dress shows off the playfulness without losing the sense of elegance and luxury.

Satin fabric is recommended for the outer, and the pattern is relatively obvious on the outer

, the delicacy is also very high, in addition, marry you can add rose embroidery above, it looks quaint and atmospheric.

In order to enhance the sense of design,

The skirt can be designed with a single side layer, while on the right it is recommended to choose a gauze skirt,

This design has a romantic atmosphere of a little girl.

Green leaves can be added to the right skirt as a match,

Roses and leaves intermingle,

If you add a thin belt to your waist,

It also perfectly shows off the slender curves of the waist.

The skirt may wish to use a pleated design, layered with a sense of layering, and the length of the skirt is also as far as possible to choose the neck that just shows the white neck, which is the thinnest part of the leg, and the overall look is very pavilion.

If the green leaves of the skirt are embellished with some pearls, it will look particularly delicate,

When wearing a pink princess dress, you don’t need to do too many pendants, a pair of luminous ear chains, a glowing necklace, and shoes Any pair of low-saturation heels can wear a stunning effect.

I have to say that Zhao Liying’s woman is really powerful, can wear pink so aura, ordinary people do not have her ability, but Zhao Liying’s style is quite peculiar, a gauze skirt is beautiful and moving, but adding a “curtain cloth” is more personal. The unilateral outer layer added on the left is like a curtain cloth, which is really quite personal.

Pink slip dress

The slip dress is really a very sexy skirt,

It is recommended to choose a slip dress with a silk texture

, the smoothness of silk sets off the body more delicately.

Common slip skirts are all light V-neck designs,

The shallow V highlights the collarbone very clearly

The slender suspender lined shoulders are even fairer and slender.

It is recommended to choose peach pink as the base color, which is printed with lotus flowers of the same color

, it will not look so monotonous, and there is a sexy little style.

Pink off-the-shoulder split skirt

When attending important occasions, you can choose a more bright pink, not only will not look tacky, on the contrary, there is a sense of seniority,

The skirt can be embellished with stars, making the skirt twice as gorgeous and more enchanting at the same time.

The outside of the skirt can also be covered with a layer of light tulle, which makes the skirt look hazy and fairy.

In terms of tailoring,

The design of the bare shoulders and slits is appropriate to properly expose the sexy part of itself

, visually sexy while having a faint hazy effect.

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