A girl in her early twenties is really the best years of her life. Although his face is still a little immature, he is taller and more tall, and at this age, he can wear all kinds of clothes with stunning beauty. Even the simplest outfits in everyday life can present a more refined fashionable style. 22-year-old Cheng Xiao is a singer and an actor, with a “milky” body, and a sweet face, and has his own style in matching clothes. Cheng Xiao’s outfit is especially suitable for some tall and outstandingly temperamental girls, let’s take a look together.

Cheng Xiao fashion style analysis:

The sleeveless vest in summer is more refreshing and generous, and it is also a very casual and fashionable outfit. This kind of sleeveless vest generally chooses a slightly slim fit, which can outline a more proud body curve. Sleeveless vests, whether worn with long pants or shorts, are more casual and fashionable. Of course, if the sleeveless vest is paired with a skirt, it is also sweet and delicate, and this sleeveless vest is still very fashionable and versatile.

Choice of sleeveless vests

Sleeveless vests are somewhat similar to hurdle vests, except that women wear sleeveless vests that are more snug-fitting.

This slim fit can show the curved proportions of the upper body. Whether your figure is slightly fatter or a little slimmer, this sleeveless vest will be worn on you.

We can use different color systems to present different feelings. If you have a slightly fat figure, choose a more slim dark color. If you have a slightly slimmer figure, choose a sleeveless vest with a light color to show off your sweet and generous temperament.

The embellishment of the print, individual without being boring

Sleeveless vests are also divided into solid colors and prints, and sleeveless vests in solid colors are naturally more versatile.

But if we want to be more youthful and beautiful, we need to match some print embellishments. Different prints represent different feelings, and different color prints also have different eye-catching indexes. The black sleeveless vest with white print is a classic and versatile style, and it is more fashionable and beautiful to wear to modify the figure without looking so boring.

Advantages and disadvantages of sleeveless vests

Although the sleeveless vest is more refreshing, it also has its own shortcomings because it is designed without sleeves. That is, it is easy to expose a somewhat strong arm line, and this sleeveless vest can easily expose the strong upper arm.

If there is no superior arm line, it is recommended that you do not choose such clothing.

Or pair yourself with a tulle cardigan to hide a bit of a muscular arm line. If the arms are slender and slender, it is naturally very suitable for this sleeveless vest.

Matching sleeveless vests

In summer, the sleeveless vest can be worn directly alone or as an underwear.

But if you want your temperament to be more refreshing and spontaneous, it is still recommended that you choose to wear it directly.

And sleeveless vests can be worn with a variety of outfits, so if you want to be cooler, it’s good to wear with high-waisted shorts or trousers. Cheng Xiao matched high-waisted jeans, and the overall temperament was cool and beautiful. If you feel that jeans are too stuffy in your daily life, it is also very refreshing and domineering with wide-leg pants that are full of sag and gentleness.

The embellishment of the belt shows off the leg length

The belt or the decoration of the waist can enhance the waist line more perfectly and make the visual effect clearer.

Although different colors are chosen for sleeveless vests and high-waisted wide-leg pants, the addition of a belt embellishment will make it more delicate and the waist line will be clearer. Outline a more proud body line, and the overall temperament is also very superior. In addition to the belt, we can also use the hollow shape at the waist to present a different temperament and show a more attractive femininity.

More sleeveless vest styling appreciation

The sleeveless vest is more refreshing, and the black style is cool and fashionable, and it is also relatively thin.

The slim black sleeveless vest can more perfectly outline the curves of the body. This small stand collar design has more exquisite and high-class beauty. Simple black sleeveless vest with blue jeans, the overall style will not be too dull, exude youthful vitality, more advanced and fanciful.

A sleeveless vest in chiffon fabric for a lighter and sweeter finish. slightly

The slightly looser fit will not have too slim effect, so this style of sleeveless vest will be more decorative to the figure. The elements of polka dots are sweet and generous, paired with a pair of black skinny leg pants, which can better modify the figure, and the overall style is elegant and generous.

In summer, sleeveless vests are not only available in black.

White is also elegant and generous, of course, white is more suitable for girls with superior body proportions. A sleeveless vest can show a more refreshing charm, and the hem is tucked into the pants to perfectly outline the proportion of the waist, which is cool and beautiful, but also elegant and generous.

Fashion Summary:

01. The sleeveless vest is a relatively refreshing outfit, the most common is a slim fit, which can outline the curves of the body, thus showing a sexy and charming atmosphere.

02. The sleeveless vest also has a loose fit, although it is sweeter, but it will not look lazy in temperament. Loose sleeveless vests, choose more light fabrics, can present a romantic age-reducing atmosphere.

03, sleeveless vest is the easiest to expose the thickness of the upper arm, if your upper arm is a little thick, it is not recommended to choose such a style.

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22-year-old Cheng Xiaozhen is fashionable, wearing a sleeveless vest with high-waisted wide-leg pants, and his “milky” figure is enviable

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