Today’s shopping feet are very painful, I see an old Beijing cloth shoe on the street, and I am fascinated when I look inside, and the retro flavor is strong

The single shoes, sneakers, and canvas shoes I usually wear are slightly weighty, so the biggest feeling after these shoes are light, of course, the sole is also thin

Memories from childhood – old Beijing embroidered buckle shoes, such a pair of shoes that are easy to wear, embroidery is good-looking, the color is also versatile, the focus is easy to wear, perfect

This domestic small cloth shoes are too fragrant, the upper foot is comfortable and breathable, in fact, I think this pair of blue is very wow, but I don’t have too ethnic clothes to match, so I bought the sandals that I saw last year, which are more versatile

Embroidery highlights the national charm, in addition, comfort is not to choose, the thousand-layer fabric bottom is light and comfortable, the rubber bottom is non-slip and wear-resistant, the upper foot is light, but also very breathable, not tired feet

Classic colors with multicolored high-density embroidery, the appearance is not picky, very good-looking. Old Beijing cloth shoes are my latest favorite, fashionable and retro, standing in the crowd, you are the most shiny

It is very comfortable to wear, the thick beef tendon sole is non-slip and wear-resistant, and the cotton woven insole is refreshing and breathable!

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