Since ancient times, “curtain” is a common household item, in ancient times, “curtain” mainly played a role in blocking and decoration, ancient slightly wealthy people will install crystal curtains, bead curtains, embroidery curtains and other exquisite curtains at home. With the development of the times, in modern times, the types of door curtains are becoming more and more abundant: screen curtains, cotton curtains, soft curtains, mosquito-proof curtains… In particular, cotton curtains are widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, factories, office buildings, homes and other places. As an expert in the field of door curtains, Qiao Fang Home Fabric always insists on using assured materials to provide everyone with high-quality cotton curtain products, and use them more assuredly.

Joe spinning home fabric cotton curtain core

Many consumers who need cotton curtains pay the most attention to the practicality of cotton curtains, and because of this, the quality of cotton curtains is the primary guarantee. Qiao Fang Home Fabric is deeply aware of this, and always takes the quality of cotton curtains as the core of production in the production process, and is committed to providing consumers with better cotton curtain products. In terms of material selection, Qiao Fang home fabric insists on using high-quality white core cotton-silk cotton as the inner core of cotton curtains; The outer layer is wrapped with tear-resistant, wear-resistant high-grade Oxford cloth, and then sewn by 12 strands, the cotton curtain made of cotton curtain is not only light in weight, strong in tensile resistance and durable, but also has more powerful wind and cold resistance, warmth, heat insulation, sound insulation and other functions, bringing consumers a more comfortable experience.

Joe spinning home fabric cotton curtain

Based on the use scenario of the door curtain, it is usually installed at the door, so that when the door is open, it can play multiple functions such as wind and cold resistance, warmth, heat insulation, and sound insulation. Therefore, in terms of installation, Jospin Home Fabric adopts more flexible double-layer ring buckles and metal grommets on the cotton door curtain, and when installing, only need to fasten the double-layer ring buckles through the metal grommets to complete the installation. Compared with the traditional installation method of punching holes in the wall and fixing clips, the installation method of Jospin home fabric makes the cotton curtain easier and more convenient, free and flexible, and firmly locked, strong and durable.

Due to the high quality, good function and fast installation of the cotton curtain of Jospin’s home fabric, it has won the love and welcome of many consumers. In the future, Qiao Fang Home Fabric will continue to forge ahead, continue to innovate, maintain the original intention of using reliable materials, providing everyone with better quality cotton curtain products, and warm people’s hearts with quality products.

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