Bullwhip Report On December 9, the 2021 12.12 Jingdong Gold List Annual Ceremony was grandly opened. Jingdong Apparel, together with Jingdong Gold List and the global authoritative trend agency WGSN, evaluated products from the two dimensions of “quality power” and “leading force” during Jingdong 12.12, and released the “gold standard” of fashion home category, setting a quality benchmark for the industry. At the same time, Jingdong apparel also announced the “2021 New Domestic Down Jacket Gold Award”, “2021 Science and Technology Cold Down Jacket Gold Award”, “2021 New Trend Thermal Underwear Gold Award” and other large awards with gold content, providing consumers with high-quality trend goodies from brands such as duck duck, Bosideng, UGG, Chow Tai Fook and so on.

WGSN is the authority on consumer, lifestyle and product design trends, bringing trend forecasts to the fashion industry and providing future creative design inspiration for brands. In the annual ceremony of the JD Gold List, JD apparel shaped the 2021 future consumer research model and future consumer portrait based on WGSN’s global macro driving factors such as new inclusiveness, healing design, universal to localization, and small luck of Generation Z, thus leading the new trend of the annual gold award fashion category of the JD Gold List.

With the upgrading of consumption, down jackets continue to evolve in terms of comfort, practicality and functionality to meet the diversified wearing needs of Aimeixing people, while localized national fashion brands are increasingly concerned by young consumers. The duck duck thickened workwear down jacket won the “2021 New Domestic Down Jacket Gold Award”, and the waterproof treatment of the bright coating gives the jacket a raincoat texture to achieve professional and efficient warmth and cold. The loose cut and patch pockets exude a sophisticated and casual feel. The 2021 Gold Award for Technology Cold Down Jacket belongs to Bosideng men’s casual down jacket, and the well-known Italian fitter has refined the loose H shape, which is more three-dimensional and comfortable to wear. The clever removable cap design makes it easy to unlock more styling possibilities. The reflective strip along the bag takes into account the sense of fashion and the safety and practicality of night travel, allowing men to achieve the harmony and unity of outdoor function and urban vitality, and are suitable for formal and casual wear.

2021 Warm Trend Winter Boots Gold Award – UGG novelty series snow boots integrate teddy fleece, short boot silhouette, fashion round toe design and other popular elements, suede is the fastest growing material in 2021, cotton and wool are still traditional materials to rise again, better protection and warmth in bad weather, is a “small luck” in winter. Skechers boys’ and girls’ vintage panda shoes conform to the soft digital future style, and the colorful modular combination presents the characteristics of trendy children’s shoes, EVA

The material is lightweight and durable, so it won the “2021 Cool Children’s Shoes Gold Award”.

Winner of the “2021 New Trend Thermal Underwear Gold Award”, Ubras no size semi-turtleneck light warm underwear uses innovative amino acid fabric, high elasticity and no marks, showing a soft and close skin feel, while using antibacterial and antistatic fabrics to enhance the user’s wearing feeling. The versatile half-turtleneck is designed to be underneathed and worn outwards for a layered mix-and-match look.

The Chow Tai Fook Classic Heritage Collection “Hop Lotus Heart” bracelet won the “Gold Medal for Unique Ingenuity Gold Jewellery 2021”, which was originally designed by Chow Tai Fook and granted the design patent right. The lotus flower means holy and elegant, and the lotus symbolizes the good couple. The style is made using traditional gold craftsmanship, with a matte texture and retains the original color of gold, which is moist and full of charm. Winning the 2021 Gold Award for High-value Trolley Cases, the Samsonite ENGENERO series trolley cases are inspired by the wings that not only consider fashion, but also have mechanical principles and strong impact resistance, which is both beautiful and durable.

New cutting-edge domestic products, national fashion brands, as well as new designs, new materials, new technology trend clothing bloom, so that young people’s outfits are both exquisite and comfortable, full of science and technology and practicality. Based on the in-depth insight into consumer needs, combined with the authority of JD Gold List and WGSN fashion sensitivity, the three parties work together to select the top items in various categories for consumers, while pointing out future consumer trends and trends, “focused” to allow consumers to easily encounter their love. In the future, Jingdong apparel will continue to gain insight into new consumer trends and trends and create a better fashion home life.

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