May 8,

Xinzheng Market Supervision Bureau according to the manufacturer’s reporting clues,

organization of specialized forces,

With Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd

Together, the appraisers,

A warehouse in Gucheng Village, Longhu Town

A group of suspected violations was seized

Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd

A neutral pen holding the exclusive right to use the registered trademark of the “Chenguang” brand,

Seizure on the spot

Nominally “Morning Light” gel pen

A total of more than 40,000 sticks.

At present, the case is still under further investigation.

At the scene of law enforcement, the manufacturer’s appraisers supported the onlookers on how to distinguish the real and fake “Chenguang” stationery, and told consumers that consumers should pay attention to the purchase of “Chenguang” stationery

“One look, two trials, three comparisons”:

First trick: look

Looking at the packaging, the packaging printing pattern of Chenguang is clear, the color is bright, and the corners of the refill bag are smooth. Counterfeit products have blurry handwriting, dull color, and rough corners of the refill bag.

The second trick: try

Chenguang’s ink adopts imported pigment-type ink, which has bright color, stable quality and does not dizzy when exposed to water. Counterfeit products use domestic ordinary pigment-type inks, and some are dye-type inks, which are dull in color, not water-resistant, and easy to fade.

Third trick: than

Comparison between genuine Chenguang and counterfeit products, the color of the silicone oil of Chenguang refill (silicone oil: the yellow part of the top of the refill ink) is transparent and clear, and the silicone oil of counterfeit products is either dark yellow or white, and some are turbid and have impurities; The genuine Morning Light pen clip has strong toughness and is not easy to break, and the pen clip of counterfeit products is easy to break.

The general public is reminded that if you encounter the above counterfeit trademark products, you must carefully observe and follow the above support to identify the authenticity of the goods and commodity trademarks in order to prevent being deceived.

Official micro matrix

Xinzheng released Xinzheng Fusion Media Xinzheng Radio and Television Station

Xinzheng Rong media reporter

: Sun Rui


Gao Ran

Responsible editor:

Chen Yang

Chief editor:

Liu Limin

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