I have been engaged in the processing industry, and my own do-it-yourself ability is okay, so there is a little simple problem on the car or do a maintenance or something, I love to tinker with myself. It’s not about how much money you can save, the key is to enjoy doing it yourself. Without further ado, get into the topic.

Xiao Kai is more than 120,000 kilometers, just after changing the oil filter, the air conditioning filter element has not been replaced, considering that it has not been replaced for almost two years, it was replaced today.

Come to an exterior picture, the town building 15 years of 120,000 kilometers, the color is OK.

For the brand air conditioning filter purchased in a cat flagship store, the tool can only use a Phillips screwdriver.

Five screws to open the glove compartment and three on the top of it

There are two on the top of the umbrella trough

Remember to unload this one last and get to work

Remove the screws and glove box, ignore the big feet

The appearance of the glove box, the air conditioning filter element is behind the black cover in the middle.

Remove the cover piece, it is easy to take, grab the plastic pieces on both sides and break it out

Remove the contrast between the new and old air conditioning cores, the quality is obviously different, and the components are heavier than the old ones

The installation is very good to install, be careful not to install it backwards

First put on the middle screw, so that it is easy to work, do not tighten, wait until the five are finished tightening.

You have to pack up the boxes and throw them in the trash, and work together.

The actual air conditioning filter element is very good to change, if you like to do it, have a certain hands-on ability, you can try.

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