It’s almost the end of summer, Guangzhou is still hot, and I always want to put the whole summer in a cold kettle. Recently, I have been looking at various cup sets, want to choose a special kettle, share the 8 heart-pounding kettles & cups in my collection list, chic color aesthetics, a sense of light luxury.

Colourful: cardamom green, amber, vintage green, Morandi…

Different patterns: wheat ears, diamonds, hammers, concave and convex textures round and beautiful…..

1. Premium amber teapot set

A specially shaped pot with a filter, making tea and drinking first-class.

2. Morandi INS kettle set

3. Hammer glass water fixture

I like the texture of this kettle, it feels very textured to the touch.

4. Cactus teacup

The emerald green face is very clean in summer, and the cup has a bumpy feeling to the touch, like the thorn of a cactus.

5. Amber cold water bottle

The round solid wood is made of wooden stoppers, and the beautiful amber water cup makes people look like they can’t stop.

6. Wheat ear pot

I really like the texture of this set of cups, and it is very advanced to the touch.

7. Marble cold water bottle

The transparent gradient color of blue amber, a set of water bottle full of light luxury.

8. High light transmission colored glass

The gold base and different amber cups look like a work of art.

Do you like the above eight cup sets with different textures?

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