A yellow printed tote bag with a beautiful printed scarf. Since the bag rope is made of leather, it looks mature. Just hold it and you can get an impressive style.

A bag with a woven pattern and a mature atmosphere. Since it is resistant to rain and dust, it is also suitable for leisure and activities, and it is also recommended to wear it with beautiful clothes.

An unusual beaded bag. This is a piece that has the status of a protagonist in the look, with a refreshing feeling and the cuteness of the beads. Since white is easy to match, it can be matched from beautiful clothes for women to casual styles.

A ripe tote bag made of raffia leaves. It is recommended for daily use as it is light and large, making it easy to carry and store. It can be worn with any look.

The openwork transparent tote bag with an expressive pattern accentuates the sense of style. Beige is easy to use because it is very unfussy about any clothes

The handbag with a knitted design creates a refined atmosphere. The excellent storage capacity in the large size is also attractive. It’s an easy-to-carry bag that won’t pick clothes.

Round bag with cute round design. Because there is enough capacity, even women with a lot of belongings can store it with confidence. The pink color of the simple style is also cute.

Can be used as a shoulder bag and handbag. It is easy to choose the right size. Even printed dresses can be paired well with beige colors and are very easy to use.

Square bag with mesh design for a sheer feeling. Can also be used as a shoulder bag. It has a mature shape that will make you feel stylish no matter what you wear.

Modern design with stylish ring handle. Notice the silver material that sparkles in the spring and summer sun. There are also shoulder straps, so you can change the way you want to match it according to your fashion and mood.

A rattan basket bag made of cowhide panels. The handle is gold, so it can be paired with a beautiful shape.

A basket bag decorated with elegant flowers and ruffles. There is a drawstring bag inside, so you can store your belongings with confidence and instantly feel feminine.

Cute shoulder bag with adjustable shoulder straps. The bottom is made of straw, so it also has a sense of seasonality, and it is recommended for adult women who like natural shapes.

Spring knitted bag with tassel design. The handle is a transparent material with a strong spring/summer feel. It’s easy to create fashion items that are trending this year.

Stylish rattan trapezoidal bag with silk scarf wrapped around the handle. Thanks to the angular shape and natural color of beige, it is suitable for a variety of fashionable outfits.

It’s time for a bag change in spring and summer! These bags that are popular in Japan have the feeling of spring when you carry them

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