Marley pencils are the most basic pencils, which are more suitable for students who are just starting to learn art, or amateur art lovers who are learning for the first time. Why? Because of it

It’s really cheap!

Five or six hairs, decent in all aspects, although not outstanding, but at least professional drawing pencils, compared to those brands that have never been seen or the stationery pencils that are powerful in the morning, people will at least not pit you too much.

But compared to what I will say below, its shortcomings are also obvious.

The pen resistance is large (not necessarily a disadvantage for beginners’ unstable hands), the blackness is average, and the perception below 8B is obvious.

But Marley’s 14B carbon pencil is a dark horse, very easy to use, and that’s another story.

Average 0.6/stick

Recommended index: ★★★ ☆☆

There are not many people who know about the old man’s head pencil, and there are not many recommended ones, but it is indeed a very useful pencil, and the characteristics are

There are few impurities, it feels very lubricated when painted, and the blackness is also very high, but it is slightly easy to oil.

And the appearance of the old man’s head pencil is very “expensive”, and the red rod looks very classy, but it is actually a very affordable and cost-effective choice.

The average is 1.2 yuan/piece

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆

The China 111 big thick blue pole is also a professional drawing pencil, but I personally feel that it is more suitable for industrial drawing, and the overall characteristics are more similar to the old man’s head, but it feels more slippery than the old man’s head! And the Chinese 111

The wooden rod is very soft and very good to sharpen, but at the same time the refill is softer and easy to cut.

In addition, China 111 is a thick pen, and whether it feels suitable is a matter of opinion.

Average 2 yuan/piece

The Mitsubishi pencil is almost recognized as the best pencil, and the material used is the most solid, and there is no one. But the price is not cheap, its characteristics are very prominent,

Black! Slippery! The wood is soft

, almost all the advantages of the pencil above, with B number it is definitely the blackest, 4B Mitsubishi hanging 8B Marley are routine operations, so we often joke that there is a black called Mitsubishi 10B, none of them can hit! Mitsubishi pencil

There are very few impurities, and there will be no impurity scratching paper like Marley’s occasional nib,

Who has experienced that feeling who knows, heartache! After all, once the surface of the paper is destroyed, the color is prone to fractures.

The average is 3 yuan/branch

Recommended index: ★★★★★


Charcoal is also the first to say Marley, but not that Marley is bad, on the contrary, Marley’s charcoal can be said to be very conscientious and very useful. First of all

Good price!

(Hahaha feels like Marley is like the millet of the art industry) soft carbon

The smooth color of the pen is heavy and warm, and the changes are rich and delicate,

In addition to the quality of the wood is still average, Marley’s charcoal pen is really good in terms of use!

In addition to Marley, Nyoni is also a master in charcoal, unlike Marley in the round barrel it uses like an old man’s head pencil, and the second feature is also very representative, that is, a word:



The pen resistance is relatively large

It may be a bit difficult to draw sketch lines, but the feel of drawing sketches is great! Moreover, many times, in the case of the same foundation, the sketch can be described as an inch of black, an inch strong, and students who have not experienced it are strongly recommended to try it.

Average 1.5 yuan/piece

Defuron Full Carbon, as the name suggests,

The whole pen has no wood, it is all “core”.

Of course, the outermost part is still wrapped in a layer of paper shell, otherwise your hands will be dirty. Because there is no wood, theoretically all-carbon is used without sharpening, and some teachers like to use all-carbon to sketch because of all-carbon

The flanker can draw a lot of variations,

If you have a very good control of the flanker, then the full carbon will be very powerful in your hands, on the contrary, if the flanker and pen turning skills are not skilled when drawing, then I still do not recommend you to use full carbon, because you will not be able to draw a little change, because this pen is too soft, almost not sharp, can only rely on the process of drawing with a point.

Green bamboo streamer white series charcoal I also like and recommend very much, this series of charcoal use experience is very similar to pencil, so the drawing sketch feels very good, the wood texture is better than Marley, easy to sharpen, in-depth portrayal controllability is very good.


The choice of eraser is actually not like a pencil, and the overlord of the three erasers of hard and soft mud stands very firmly and can hardly be shaken.

Hard eraser to choose cherry blossoms, there is nothing to say, although a little expensive, but the effect is recognized as the best, a veritable “high-gloss eraser”.

If it’s a highlight that can’t be erased by cherry blossoms, then it can’t be wiped out.

The correct way to use cherry blossoms is to cut them diagonally into small pieces, so that you can avoid losing a whole piece of eraser and use more edges and corners for multiple cuts.

The soft eraser bought the old man’s head red brick, just bought a square piece, but it didn’t take long to become extremely rounded, the old man’s head was there

The effect on the color of large-scale dodge is very good

, because of it

It will not cause irreversible damage to the surface of the paper like affecting the skin, and will not affect the coloring behind,

However, the cleaning effect cannot be compared with cherry blossoms, and it should be said that soft erasers and hard erasers are functionally differentiated,

Soft erasers are more focused on lightening than erasing.

Faber-Castell prefers plastic erasers, of course Marley also has them, but Faber-Castell

Less prone to drying, softer texture, more suitable for long-term use.

Plastic rubber is characterized by erasing without leaving rubber dander, but the cleaning ability is weaker than that of soft eraser, suitable for adjusting and using a very small area of in-depth depiction, and can also clean the shape line in a large area.

There are too many doorways of painting materials, far more than pencil eraser, so much for today, if you think it is helpful to you can double-click the screen to collect it first, if there are many people looking at it, I will talk about gouache, paint and other practical goodies later.

Recommended index: ★★★ ☆☆

The average is 1.2 yuan/piece

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆

Average 2 yuan/piece

Average 2 yuan/piece

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

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