A few days ago, when my aunt brushed Weibo, she laughed, the temperature changed suddenly, it was icy and snowy, and even female celebrities who could wear suspenders to go out in winter began to live winter seriously.

When watching female celebrities take street photos, I found that they have the same concept of winter, that is, they are absolutely indispensable for long down jackets. Corresponding to this year’s hot phrase “long” and not “short”, it is also used on down jackets. Now let’s take a look at how stars seriously spend the winter~

Little monkey Yang Zi is really the most down-to-earth female star, and she really interprets a wavelength down jacket fashion for us.

Li Xirui’s layering effect of using a black down jacket and white printed knitwear is really stunning and beautiful.

Zhao Liying’s husband’s perspective is super cute, and the white hooded long down jacket is super warm at first glance.

The heroine of the Korean drama “This Life is the First Time” Jung So-min, the travel photos in Japan are super small and fresh, and it is simply a model for small girls to wear a white long down jacket so fashionable.

Plaid long down jacket with knight boots, Gao Junxi is simply handsome.

So this winter, you need a down jacket that can save your life, and Auntie thinks it’s a long down jacket!

In recent years, wearing “long” not wearing “short” is prevalent, everything has to be longer to look good, you can fit all your underwear in a long down jacket, warm but not bloated, from the collar to the hem of the down jacket all the way, easily dissolve the dullness of winter.

Long down jackets are much more imposing and warm than short ones. SO, let’s follow your aunt to see what long down jackets are fashionable enough to keep warm ~

Oatmeal-colored down jacket

Oatmeal color can be described as a fire this winter, and the oat-colored down jacket is low-key and mysterious, between white and beige, highlighting the elegance of women as the main tone, giving you a sense of free warmth.

The hooded oatmeal-colored down jacket with coffee-colored underwear and skirt reveals the charm of the little girl.

The military-style down jacket style gives a visually striking British feel, and the extra-high neck and oversized brim give you enough warmth in winter.

The double-breasted button can not only be added to the coat, but also the combination of the down jacket is equally fashionable, which faintly reveals the temperament of the student party.

The biggest advantage of oatmeal color is that it is not dull, and it is very versatile, and it can be worn with fairy skirts or jeans, which are very chic.

White long down jacket

White is a very pure color, representing calm and femininity, many people love her because she is white; I don’t like her, also because she’s white, because…. Too intolerant to dirt. But even that doesn’t stop us from following in the footsteps of white down jackets.

Playful and cute waist design, with an age-reducing dress of the same color, super warm oil~

Elegance, moving, cute, fashionable and other temperament, white down jacket can bring us ~

Because of the different inner lint filled, the warmth effect will also change accordingly, but the better the inner pile, the more expensive, this sentence is correct~ choose according to your own economic situation.

The large and wide seam material makes you visually very tall, and it feels like you can fit the entire universe.

The style of large quilt, the style of scarf ties, and knitted wide-leg pants, elegant and heroic, handsome and tender coexist.

Winter also to make a workwear cool girl, then this down jacket must be your first choice, the continuation of workwear design and style, very special.

Long yellow down jacket

Aunt never knew that the original cream yellow down jacket is so cute, breaking the convention of winter black and white, the cream yellow is bright and beautiful, does not pick skin color, it is super simple to match, and it can also be super age-reducing and give you enough cuteness.

Little custard, seeing this down jacket, my aunt’s heart melted, and the belt was added and it was an A-line version, especially like Lolita’s little skirt, tender.

Don’t pick age or height, small girls can control the big bag down jacket, light yellow with white brim, sweet and lovely.

Pick a bright color for your winter day, the thick mink fur big collar design, large quilting gives you enough security.

Fresh and bright lemon yellow, a girly feeling that will not be obtrusive when used in a large area, is very tender and white, and can break into people’s hearts at a glance.

The placket, pocket cloth and neckline drawstring have a delicate and soft touch, and a large area of yellow full of girly feeling. Satisfying, retract your hands into your clothes~

The glossy yellow down jacket, the lamb down at the neckline and brim are the most popular elements of the moment, not only to block the wind, but also to create a sharp contrast with yellow.

Black long down jacket

For down jackets, the preferred color that many people buy is black, simple and neat, without a little mud and water, and extremely dirt-resistant, so it is extremely popular in winter.

Simple and neat black hooded down jacket to give you enough warmth.

The upper body is warm and warm, the lower body is thin and thin, and the classic H shape is loose and more than enough, and the warmth is not reduced at all.

The fit is really not picky, the front is short and the back is long, the curved design of the back piece will not be bloated, simple and generous and does not pick people.

There is a drawstring at the collar that always protects your vulnerable neck, and the large pockets are practical and convenient, adding a sense of layering, just like carrying a quilt out of the warmth.

The loose workwear fit looks undragging, and the hooded fit is very stylish, more than a little bit more attractive.

Color-block down jacket

Break the monotony of pure colors, integrate the most popular color blocking and check into the design of down jackets, give a little color to winter to see, full of youthful vitality, warm enough and fashionable enough.

The explosion of checks this winter, even down jackets have appeared on the elements of checks, fashion is not the same, checks are the originator of fashion.

Simple and clear H shape, thin but not bloated, quilted design to prevent running cotton, orange green fashionable not boring, super eye-catching!

Full of sporty down jacket, small people wear super cute, the shape of the shape makes the clothes full of fluffiness, but also very age-reducing.

The surface material of this down jacket belongs to corduroy, and the green and coffee panels are very foreign, and it will look good with a sweatpants or skirt.

The splicing of light blue and dark blue blocks is the color of the sea~ You who love to chase fashion, how can you not have a color-blocking down jacket, the splicing of color blocks makes its own color more layered, more fashionable and young.

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