If you feel that the same outfit is too monotonous, then try the smart look in the spring. Kan Qingzi is a girl who dares to say and do, and her dressing style is biased towards trend and handsome style. Nowadays, with a gradient print shirt and a warm blazer, it shows a stylish beauty that is both gentle and cool and sunny through the display of color.

First, the clothing embellished with individual elements is sassy and fashionable

The integration of a variety of elements into the clothing will make the overall image of the girl retain these elements: sweet, handsome, sunny or exaggerated design, if integrated into the same clothing, it will bring a mixed and matched style, showing a very trendy effect.

When choosing printed clothing in spring, you can use slightly exaggerated elements and embellish with relatively high saturation colors, so that girls walking in the crowd give people a bright effect and highlight the eye-catching feeling. Kan Qingzi chose a gradient shirt that combines fresh color with yellow, and this gradient color brings irregular beauty.

Gradient dyeing is a very popular design element at present, fashion reveals the trend, and there are more colors into the integration will also make the color of the clothing become rich, gradient color is divided into two types, one is the color progressive process, will bring simple temperament beauty, the other is contrast color gradient dyeing will bring exaggeration and personality, you can choose the right type according to your own style.

Sweet girls will use a pink or red style that is not highly saturated when choosing warm color clothing, and if you want to highlight the more handsome and textured effect, you can use a dark color with a high saturation. Kan Qingzi chose brick red clothing as a coat, paired with personalized high boots, highlighting the trend and fashion in the steady color, showing off the careful dressing machine.

The blazer with a double-pleated skirt has a retro style. Kan Qingzi chose a suit top with a personal hem, and by integrating the sides of the hem into the opening, the personalized hem design brings a slender body line. The design focus of this garment is not on the top, but on the lower double skirt, the double pleats can make the skirt show a particularly fluffy and three-dimensional state, and the sense of pleats and layers will be more obvious, highlighting the classic and atmospheric high-end style against the background of black and white contrast.

Many times, young girls will choose sweet and cool style matching, slightly handsome small tops with skirts look fashionable and youthful. This kind of clothing is also the age-reducing style preferred by many mature girls, Kan Qingzi chooses a sports casual coat on the upper body, and the lower body is matched with a ruffled plaid short skirt, highlighting the skinny tall figure through the short style of the upper body slim lower body, and the youthful atmosphere is on the face.

Leather clothing is high-grade and textured, many people will choose black leather clothing in winter, but they don’t know that in the spring, you can also concave a cool and cool shape through thin leather fabrics. Kan Qingzi chose a short single-layer leather top on the upper body, adding small lace to the hem, reflecting the sweet femininity while retaining a touch of the era charm, and the lower body with a leather one-step skirt to highlight the suit effect. With mid-tube socks and high heels on her feet, she looks like a cool modern girl in the eighties and nineties.

Second, the temperament skirt is very elegant

If you want to concave the personality and atmospheric goddess temperament, you can try to use a long skirt to concave the shape, Kan Qingzi is a girl with an ancient style and ancient temperament, and when choosing a temperament skirt, she will present the elegant temperament of the classical goddess.

The skirt with a long skirt can highlight the charm of temperament, and a slightly slim skirt will interpret the elegant and sexy beauty of girls, but if you want to bring a very open and energetic feeling of spring, you can add design elements to the skirt, just like Kan Qingzi uses more pleats and layers in the skirt plus purple design to highlight the elegant princess atmosphere.

The black dress with a slender skirt is a very classic style, and she can make the high-end sense of the little black dress more obvious. The slim design can highlight the tall figure of the girl, and Kan Qingzi uses a white pleated irregular neckline to modify the collar, interpreting the personality and fashion, and also allowing the exaggerated charm of the goddess’s trend to be displayed.

After the weather gradually warms up, many people want to go out and feel the spring atmosphere, so you can use a long skirt as a vacation wear. The lightweight chiffon fabric combines long sleeves and a long skirt for a romantic and sunscreen role, and if you want to highlight the temperament in the creation of decors, you can choose unsaturated colors. But clothing with low saturation will also bring a sense of monotony, and it will be more brilliant to add bright flowers to the clothes appropriately, and Kan Qingzi’s clothing also uses ethnic style prints, which is more textured and charming.

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