It is no secret that Jolin Tsai is very good at maintenance, but when I saw this set of yoga fitness photos, I was still shocked, where is this 40-year-old figure? She should go to “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”. Looking at Jolin Tsai in the photo, wearing pink fitness clothes and tying up the ball head, he is full of youth and movement. Coupled with the firm and shiny skin and the sexy vest line, it is really difficult to take your eyes off her.

Looking down, a pair of graceful lines, slender and straight long legs come into view, this figure is too well-proportioned! The goddess is worthy of being a goddess! She looks like this when I was in elementary school, and I now have fine lines at the corners of my eyes, and she still looks like this! But if you want to achieve Jolin Tsai’s good state, it is not just lip service, in addition to eating healthily, you must also insist on exercise. Looking at her solid dance skills at every concert, you can understand how self-disciplined she is.

Despite having such good body proportions, the height of 156cm has always been Jolin Tsai’s hard injury. So no matter what occasion she attends, she will always step on a pair of hatred sky-high, and even when dancing, she is dancing in super high heels, and the typhoon is quite stable. The title of “desperate three niangs” in the entertainment industry is not taken for nothing.

In the early days, Jolin Tsai liked to wear this kind of fishmouth high heels, plus a super high waterproof platform, there was a sense of déjà vu on stilts. The advantages of this ultra-high platform heels: after wearing them for a day, the heart of the foot will not hurt. It is also easier to walk when walking, and it will not be particularly tired. Disadvantages: too eye-catching and very bulky, but will not show the leg length. Coupled with the fact that the fishmouth shoes themselves have high requirements for the toes, this pair of shoes is even more inappropriate for us ordinary people, and it is suitable for Jolin Tsai to wear when performing on stage.

Transparent PVC material is a big hit this year. And our fashion diva Jolin Tsai wore it many years ago, with orange tights and suits, you can still see that her legs are very thin, but the bright color is easy to show black, it can only be said that Jolin Tsai’s body proportion and skin color are too capable of fighting, plus her own powerful aura can be held, if it is replaced by our ordinary people wearing on the body, probably will not see it!

This pair is also super high heels, and the position of the toe is studded with studs, which has a heavy metal feel. The same is a super high waterproof platform design, the upper body is matched with a black small suit + lace shorts, and the legs are beautiful. The design of the waist makes her waist look more slender, and at the same time, the upper circumference is proud, and the oversized diamond necklace around her neck is gorgeous and noble. Jolin Tsai is worthy of being a diva, and the jewelry she wears naturally cannot fall.

I don’t know when Jolin Tsai stopped pampering the high heels of the super high platform, but fell in love with this silver bright diamond style. This kind of shoe has a magic power, even if you wear it simply, even if it is just a white suit, but wear it and immediately burst into aura. It’s just that this kind of high heels also become more difficult to control when dancing, and we still choose 3-5cm high heels for daily wear.

The other pair of silver is a multi-strip strap style, which divides the foot into several equal parts, and ties the foot and the sole firmly. She wore an asymmetrical patchwork dress with silver shiny rare fabric on one side and pleated silk-satin on the other, showing her neat and capable side and her feminine and sexy side.

In addition, she wore a silver hip-wrapped dress, which shimmered slightly under the light. The V-neck is wrapped diagonally to one side, and the design is cinched in at the waist and covers the hips, showing the curves of the body. With an asymmetric bow and high-heeled sandals to show slender and slender beautiful legs, various postures and eyes can be handled well, worthy of Jolin Tsai!

When attending the official event, she wore a blue striped dress with a pair of silver high heels, it can be seen that these high heels do not fit, they are larger, but for the pointed toe heels that cover the feet, the assembly is small, if it is large, we can put a half-size sticker, but if it is small, the front foot will be squeezed very uncomfortable. Jolin Tsai’s facial features are still quite delicate, plus a neat and capable and gentle short hair, elegant and advanced.

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