As the saying goes, the people take food as the sky. A delicious dish not only makes people feel satisfied when eating, but also makes the nutrients of food more easily absorbed by the body, cooking skills are a dietary art.

Tips for cutting meat

01 Cut beef and mutton against the texture to cut, the knife and meat cut out of the meat slice at 90 degrees, it will be easier to bite, easier to chew.

02Cut pork according to the texture, so that the fried meat will not fall apart.

Boiling egg tips

03How to cook poached eggs

Soak the raw eggs in the shell in boiling water in a bowl for about a minute, and then wait for the water in the pot to boil and beat the eggs, no matter how you beat, the eggs will not fall apart, and boil the perfect poached egg.

04How to boil loose eggs

Bring the water to a boil, then put in the eggs, and start the timer~ Here are the different states of boiling eggs at different times, see which kind of egg you want to eat, boil which kind of egg~ is particularly accurate!

Tofu making tips

05Tips for tofu to taste good

Blanch the tofu in boiling water for 10 minutes before putting it in the pot to remove the brine flavor of the tofu, and it is particularly delicious no matter how you make it.

06The complete secret of boiling tofu

Soak the tofu in salted water for 30 minutes, and then cook it in the pot, the tofu will not be easy to break.

Frying tips

07 Fried steamed bun slices

When frying steamed bun slices, you should soak them in cold water and then fry them in oil, so that the fried steamed bun slices are burnt yellow and crispy, delicious and particularly fuel-efficient.

08 Fried fish and fried meat

When frying fish and meat, slightly covering the pot with a lid will greatly speed up the heating time of the food and reduce the oxidation of the oil.

Stir-fry tips

09Stir-fried greens taste good

Do not add cold water when stir-frying greens, it will make the dish old and hard, you should add boiling water, so that it is crispy and tender.

10 minutes to thaw the meat

Clamping the meat in two aluminum basins, or putting the meat in the water, will quickly thaw the pork and fry it immediately.

11. Fried eggplant does not turn black

When stir-frying eggplants, add some vinegar to the pot, and the fried eggplants will not turn black, which is particularly effective.

12 Tips for stir-fried meat to taste delicious

If you want the meat to be tender and delicious, you can use starch and soy sauce to mix it and then stir-fry it in the pan, the stir-fried meat is delicious and super delicious.

13 sweet and sour dishes are delicious tips

To make sweet and sour dishes, you should put sugar first and then salt, so that you can adjust the appropriate saltiness with less salt and be healthier.

14. Do not wash the pot immediately after stir-frying

After stir-frying the pot, you must pour some warm water into it, let it be cold for a while and then wash, otherwise the iron pot will be easily damaged when it is suddenly cold.

Soup tips

15. What to do if the stew is salty

When the stew is salty, you can take a washed potato and put it in the soup and cook for a few minutes, the soup will immediately become light, which is particularly effective.

16 stewed lamb is not too groomy

Add some radish when stewing lamb, and take out the radish chunks half an hour later, and the smell of lamb will be gone.

17 Tips for Fish Stew

Use cold water for stewed fish, so that the stewed fish does not smell fishy, and the stewed fish should be put in water once, and the soup will not be fresh in the middle.

18 tips for stewed meat

When cooking broth, you should first boil the water before putting the meat, hot water boiled meat meat tastes good, cold water boiled broth tastes good.

19 tips for stewing soup with greens

Greens should be added when the water is boiling and about to start the pot, it is easier to keep the vitamins and crispiness of the greens.

20 Beef stew is easy to rot tips

When stewing beef, add a tea bag to it, so that the beef can be boiled quickly, the taste is more delicious, and it is particularly delicious.

21 Chicken stew is more delicious tips

When stewing chicken soup, you should use a pot under cold water and simmer over low heat, there is too little water in the middle, you can add boiling water, do not add cold water halfway, otherwise the soup will not be fresh.

22 Tips for boiling pork belly

Don’t put salt in the pork belly, otherwise it will be hard like a stone. Salt should be put at the end, it will taste better.

Tips for cooking porridge and noodles

23 quickly stew mung beans

Mung beans are not rotten, you can use an iron pot without adding anything to dry fry mung beans for a few minutes, and then cook them in the pot, you can cook them quickly.

24 Tips for cooking noodles to be delicious

Boil the noodles dry, when the water is hot, you can put it in the pot, boil until the water boils for a few minutes and then you can get out of the pot, so that the boiled noodle soup is delicious. Wet noodles should be boiled before cooking, and ask for cold water twice when cooking.

25 Tips for boiling white porridge to taste

To cook white porridge, the rice should be frozen overnight, and then directly put the frozen rice into boiling water to cook the porridge, the boiled porridge is smooth and easy to bloom.

26 boiled corn is more delicious

Corn boiled with skin will be more delicious, and the cooking time will be faster.

Steaming tips

27 tips for steamed eggs to be particularly fragrant

Crack the eggs into a bowl, stir in a z-shape, until the eggs are beaten, add a little milk and sugar, then stir, stir 60 times, remove the bubbles, put them in the steamer to steam, and it is still a flawless steamed egg.

28 Steamed fish steamed meat tips

When steaming fish and steamed meat, the food should be served after the water is boiled, which can lock in the umami, and the fresh juice inside does not flow out, and the taste is delicious.

29. Steamed steamed buns are softer and more delicious, tips

Steaming steamed buns with cold water can make them more fluffy and delicious.

Tips for making dumplings

30 minutes to mince the minced meat

Put the pork on the board, cut the knife diagonally at 45 degrees, then turn it over in place and cut it diagonally, and then go straight to 90 degrees, the meat can be easily minced, directly into minced meat.

31. Boiled dumplings do not break the skin

The newly wrapped dumplings are potted with hot water, and the quick-frozen dumplings are potted under cold water to cook the dumplings so that the skin is not broken.

32 boiled dumplings do not stick

When boiling dumplings, put a green onion in the water or add a little salt after boiling water, you can make the dumplings not sticky, and you can also put an egg in the skin of the dumplings that make the dumplings, which can also make the dumplings non-sticky. Tips for cutting fruit

33 In this way, peeling oranges, oranges, and grapefruit does not get your hands dirty

When peeling oranges, roll and then peel the oranges, you can peel the whole oranges and grapefruit, not dirty hands at all.

Or you can cut off the ends and cut lightly, and with just 3 cuts, the orange can be turned into a piece.

34 tips for cutting watermelon

When cutting watermelon, the soup is always spilled outside? Teach you a trick to cut watermelon, the cut watermelon is super delicious, and it doesn’t get your hands dirty!

Cut the watermelon into two knives in parallel sections.

Cut a circle around the watermelon, and then cut the flesh in the middle into lattice shapes.

Pour into a large bowl and the watermelon turns into boxy watermelon chunks!

Tips for washing and cutting vegetables

35 lotus root cleansing has a trick

Cut off the lotus root at both ends, then take a knife in the middle, brush the lotus root hole with a toothbrush, put it in clean water, add a large spoonful of white vinegar to soak, and the old sludge can be washed down.

36 Easily remove yam skins

After the yam is cut off, put it in a pot and cook for 2 minutes before peeling it, the mucus of the yam is gone, which is especially effective.

37. Quickly soak shiitake fungus

Add some warm water and sugar to the box where the shiitake mushrooms are soaked, then cover and shake to quickly soak shiitake mushrooms and fungus, it only takes 1 minute, especially effective.

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