This is Mark Jun’s 71st comparative evaluation

Every time I travel a short distance, I think about taking a nap on the high-speed train or express train, but sitting and sleeping, my neck will be particularly uncomfortable when I wake up, and with the blessing of the sedentary identity of the office, the cervical spine is even more awkward.


Portable U-shaped pillow

The wind is strong, but the quality seems to be uneven, and I plan to test which brand of U-shaped pillow is the most comfortable, just in time to prepare for my trip to Phuket

Xiaomi Mi 8H


: Outer cloth – cotton

Filler – polyurethane (memory foam)


: 49 yuan

Taobao Heart Selection

: Outer cloth – 81.2% nylon + 18.8% spandex

Filler – natural latex granules

: 69.9 yuan


Filler – polystyrene resin (foam granules)

: 120 RMB

NetEase carefully selected

Filler – sara microparticles

: 69 yuan


: Outer cloth – polyester

Filler – microparticles

: 39 yuan

Dr. Sleep

: 99.9 yuan


: Outer cloth – coarse fiber cotton

Filler – PP cotton

: 9.9 yuan

Dream knowers

Filler – natural latex

: 49.9 yuan

LOHAS Travel

: Iced cloth

: 59 yuan


: Outercloth – high-stretch knitted coat

Filler-TPU environmentally friendly inner tank

: 119 yuan

When traveling, try not to bring less if you can, the lighter the luggage, the more comfortable it is, here I will count their weight.

The data is as follows:

The heaviest is Taobao Xinxuan 470g, and the lightest is only 120g in the ridged type.

PS: 100g is equivalent to the weight of about 2 eggs

During the use of it, I found that when leaning on a seat of different heights, the neck pressure is different, and the force of the U-pillow is also different.

I will be in

Office environment, rest area, transportation

Actual measurements are carried out in three scenarios to feel their fit and comfort.

⬆️ Office Environment:

My office chair is like this, the head is protruding, and when pressed on this piece, the neck is probably hollow

⬆️ Rest area:

When you’re lucky, you can take a nap on the small sofa

⬆️ Transportation:

The biggest use of the U-shaped pillow is still during the trip, so I also took these 10 U-shaped pillows to the airport bus

—————— a dividing line——————

⬇️ Xiaomi Mi 8H

Office chair: The side shape of Xiaomi is a bit triangular, and it feels when leaning against the back of the chair

The lower half of the cervical spine is empty

, it doesn’t feel like it’s a support

Small sofa: The material is very soft, and leaning on the sofa will feel like pressing down the U-shaped pillow

On the car: Xiaomi this is a medium material of 10 models

The softest

, but did not take a big advantage, but because of the softness

Can’t give the neck a good support

⬇️ Taobao Heart Selection

Office Chair:

The fabric is cool

It was very comfortable, and the fit around my neck was wide, but it barely touched the back of my office chair

Small sofa: Maybe the filling is the reason why latex particles are very soft and elastic, yes

Very thick


On the car: after leaning down, it was flattened, not as good as the previous experience,

Feeling doesn’t do much


Office chair: The shape of MUJI is wide on both sides and narrow in the middle, with less padding that fits my neck, but it doesn’t touch the back of my chair

Small sofa: MUJI’s

Relatively thin

, when leaning on the sofa, it may not be as supportive as the U-shaped pillow with a lot of padding and cannot provide a full side when the left and right sides of the head

In the car: the back of the neck too

There is little support

Although the left and right sides are drummed, because the buckle is too loose and does not fit the side neck, it is impossible to lean well on the U-shaped pillow when you tilt your head

⬇️ NetEase carefully selected

Office chair: NetEase’s carefully selected U-shaped pillow is particularly material, and its filling is probably several cylindrical inside

The most solid

However, for my office chair, it is of little use, although it is close to the back of the chair, but it is not comfortable

Small sofa: a little hard,

It doesn’t feel good to press it up.

Some are panicked

On the car: This U-shaped pillow monster is too real, and there is one when it is in the car

A faint feeling of suffocation

, when the bus is bumpy, it is even stronger, not very good

⬇️ Antarctica

Office chair: Antarctica this one

The filling is moderate to large

, the curvature is no problem, and when leaning on the back of the chair, it just stuck to the gap in the middle, which feels good

Small sofa: Moderate Antarctica pillow is also good, medium upper play

On the car: The Antarctica, who previously thought it was good, also lost the actual measurement link on the car, and it was the same

Insufficient support

, compared with the original “U” state, it is much worse

⬇️ Dr. Sleep

Office chair: Maybe my neck is thinner? The side is not attached, but it is attached to the gap of my office chair, which can also be very direct

Feel its entire concave and convex shape

Small sofa: When the neck is pressed down, I feel the softness of this material of Dr. Sleep, which is just the right degree,

Sink down without being too wrapped.

The side does not fit against the neck, but it does not affect the left and right side tilt much

On the car: The support is not bad, soft and hard, that is, although the buckle design is made, it still does not fit the neck

⬇️ Probe

Office chair: Exploring this whole is very good


, the contact surface with the neck is very small, not to mention the fit with the back of the chair, and it cannot be attached

Small sofa: Although it has a concave and convex design, it is not very comfortable to lean down, it should be

Small contact surface

, part of it is attached to the neck, but there is little support under the neck

In the car: The smallest body can achieve the same experience when worn as it is not worn

⬇️ Dream knowers

Office chair: The latex smell is not as heavy as Taobao’s heart, and it can be attached to the office chair, but I don’t know why I feel it

It’s a bit breathable

Small sofa: The softness can only be said to be okay, and it is also a bit of a real feeling to press down

On the bus: It was given to me in the actual test of this bus

The feeling of support is the most suitable

The U-shaped pillow, but it may be because of the contact surface fabric, and it will feel a little stuffy after leaning for a while,

Maybe it’s better for winter?

⬇️ LOHAS Travel

Office chair: LOHAS is quite comfortable, yes

Very fulfilling

Small sofa: the curve that fits the neck is made concave, it is very good to lean down, and the air support makes it

Very resilient

In the car: LOHAS is still good for my neck support, but I sleep for a long time like the one of the dream knower above

Very breathable

⬇️ Ridged

Office chair: similar to the design of LOHAS, the feeling is similar, but the fabric is not as comfortable as LOHAS,

Somewhat stiff

Small sofa: The same is not as comfortable as LOHAS in contact with the fabric.

On the car: Ridge this counts

The most supportive

Yes, it may have a lot to do with the material, but the mouth blowing method is really not very convenient and clean

If you are resting at the workstation, the U-shaped pillow may not be a good choice for me, mainly because the design of the chair makes me unable to get a good experience.

But the cylindrical U-shaped pillow can be placed on the table and slept on the tummy party.

When resting on the sofa, the pressure on the neck will increase due to this scene,

The soft material is more favored by me,

The softness of Xiaomi, Taobao Xinxuan, and Dr. Sleep is very good.

On the bus, I prefer the U-shaped pillow

The support for my neck and the comfort of tilting the left and right sides

, Dream Knower, Doctor Sleep, LOHAS Travel, Ridge These 4 models are relatively better, and the cylindrical U-shaped pillow can be said to be not good in this part.

⬆️ Xiaomi Mi 8H

Button design with two snap buttons

⬆️ Taobao Heart Selection

Snap + button design, first adjust the buckle, and then fix the button, the button is a double design


Adjustable snap-on design

⬆️ NetEase carefully selected

Snap + single button design

⬆️ Antarctica

⬆️ Dr. Sleep

Double magnetic closure design

⬆️ Probe

Button design

⬆️ Dream knowers

Ring sleeve design (a bit difficult

⬆️ LOHAS Travel


⬆️ Ridged

It may be that my expectations for U-shaped pillows are too high, 10 U-shaped pillows feel so-so when tested, if I have to choose a recommended one,

Maybe Dr. Sleep is a little better at everything.

This Phuket trip is decided to be you!

If you plan to buy a U-shaped pillow

Friends who use naps, I actually recommend the cylinder shape,

Sleeping on your tummy is more comfortable than a regular U-shaped pillow.

Among the 4 cylindrical U-shaped pillows I bought, the more popular one is Taobao Xinxin’s choice,

The contact surface fabric is cool and breathable, and the filling is solid and dissatisfied,

It’s just fine for me, but I’m a little worried about whether cool fabrics will not be suitable for use in winter.

If you go out, the fixed form of U-shaped pillow is more dominant,

More supportive. Like LOHAS Travel and Ridge, the two inflatable U-shaped pillows are more convenient to carry, but the fabric is not very breathable, and friends who are afraid of stuffiness can avoid thunder.

That’s all for this issue!

Sleep Special Session II (End)










: Outer cloth – cotton

: Outer cloth – cotton

Filler – polyurethane (memory foam)










: Outer cloth – polyester

: Outer cloth – polyester


Snap + single button design


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