Many women in the winter will choose the coat this item, the coat in the design of the style is relatively simple and neat, but in the color design is very changeable, different colors will show different style characteristics, such as the basic black and gray coat on the body is more stable and vigorous, suitable for those mature women who are slightly fat, and the light-colored coat is more refreshing, more fashionable, for those young ladies who pursue a sense of fashion in dressing, how can there be a white coat in winter?

The most indispensable thing in winter is the “white coat”, which is not picky and shows temperament, and I like it too much. Compared with dark coats, refreshing and clean white coats will present a unique matching effect when worn on the body, reducing the heaviness and rigidity of color matching, and using basic pure white to wear a unique matching effect.

Although the white coat is good-looking, but the requirements for the figure will be slightly higher, compared to the black-gray thin effect, the basic pure white coat will have slightly higher requirements for the figure, if the figure is not very slender and skinny, it is difficult to support this light-colored coat.

When matching a light-colored coat, you should know the harmony of color matching, and when wearing a white coat, it is best to match the basic same-color inner layer or other light-colored inner layer, and use light color matching to show the harmony of the whole body color matching.

When wearing a white coat, you can try an open way of dressing, the open way of dressing avoids the conservative monotonous matching effect, and at the same time, you can also highlight more freshness and casualness through a moderately open way of dressing.

Many women will feel that light colors are more practical than dark colors when wearing coats, in fact, refreshing and clean light colors are not very restrictive for age, whether it is for young girls, or for slightly older women are very friendly.

However, young girls can use partial or small areas of bright color matching when wearing white coats to present the finishing effect, for slightly older women, in the whole body color matching to know how to use basic color matching to present visual harmony and unity.

If you feel that a single pure white coat is relatively weak on the body, you can try to match a white checked element coat like Miki blogger, and the check element design method largely avoids the feeling of faintness in color matching.

At the same time, the design method of matching a little fur collar on the neckline can not only upgrade the warmth effect in autumn and winter, but also make the basic white checked coat wear more age-reducing girly feeling.

The way of matching a mid-length coat with over-the-knee boots is very suitable for those young ladies with a very slender and slender calf line, which can not only wear the delicate sense of the coat, but also highlight the superiority of the calf line through the combination of over-the-knee boots.

When choosing a white coat, in addition to considering the harmony of color matching, but also choose the right length, different lengths suitable for women of different heights, in the wearing to choose different lengths according to their height characteristics, if your figure is relatively petite, you can try to use a mid-length white coat to avoid showing a sloppy and unsupported negative effect.

Don’t be too conservative when wearing a coat in autumn and winter, in addition to the basic black gray, in fact, light and clean white coat is more practical to wear, simple and refreshing white is not very restrictive for age and skin color, for slightly older women, this refreshing and simple color matching method can also highlight the moderate age-reducing matching effect to a certain extent.

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