Happy New Year, following the Balmoral Boot introduced last time, it has not been updated for a while, so everyone has been waiting for a long time.

In fact, last time I promised to recommend Balmoral Boot’s related brands and products, Leo did not put pigeons, if you want to browse, you can move to TOPMEN to review, the brands mentioned in it have relatively easy channels to start, and the styles have been carefully selected, I believe it will not disappoint everyone~

To get back to business, as the Spring Festival holiday comes to an end, it is estimated that the vast majority of people have returned to work.

But if you haven’t had time to get rid of “post-holiday syndrome”, you might as well start with it. In addition to giving yourself a hint of adjusting your status as soon as possible, you can also unlock a new look at work.

Especially for partners who are interviewing and switching to a new employer, it is even better to find a dress that matches the interview occasion and the atmosphere of the new workplace in advance.


Therefore, today Leo intends to start from the category of classic men’s wear and share the corresponding and highly universal daily work dressing ideas according to different degrees of formality.

From elegant business outfits to basic and decent commuting casual clothes!

100% formality

Business formal wear, suitable for high-standard business negotiations, speeches, promotions/conferences, exhibitions, interviews, etc.

Seeing 100% formality, some players who have been exposed to gentleman’s clothing may immediately think of dressed formal wear, but for the public,

Business Suite

It is already the most formal suit wearing template for daily life.


For example, professionals in real estate, lawyers, insurance, finance, consulting management, or some departments of art industry institutions such as theaters who need to highlight their professional appearance will basically wear business suits as work clothes/foreign affairs attire.

Of course, the most common is the black suit, which symbolizes seriousness and rigor, and in some CBDs basically grabs one by one. And when you want to relieve boredom in the same black overalls, intersperse one or two sets

Navy blue suit

Making a replacement is the best fit, though.

With a wise temperament, it seems to me to be even more suitable for the needs of modern formal business dress than black, with a decent and generous calm tone, but not too serious and old-fashioned.

If you want to ask me what color my first pick is after black and navy,

In fact, I would recommend it to management-level people with many years of experience

Medium gray business suit

That’s right, not frivolous light gray, not old dark gray, but medium gray.

This gray tone is enough to emphasize the wearer’s qualifications and face, but it is not as incompatible with most scenes as the other two gray tones

Most importantly,

As long as it is not too high count of worsted wool fabrics or flannels,

Even if it is used in daily disassembly into single suits and single pants, it has a good match

In terms of suit fabric decors, the least error-prone plain color is of course the first choice, and the second can be considered

Dark streaks that do not contrast pronounced



, after all, it has always been a more classic business-oriented decors.

But remember, whether you are interviewing for a career white in the industry mentioned above or a “churro” who has just changed companies, the interview still gives priority to black and navy suits, paired with black or close to black dark brown oxford shoes and derbys.

As long as you avoid carved shoes, it doesn’t matter much if you choose a three-joint, two-joint, or whole cut one-piece.

75% formality

Informal business, suitable for leisure business travel, day receptions, etc.

To be honest, this kind is purely in accordance with the domestic context to harden, the matter until now

In the stereotype of many people, a suit used in a complete suit will still be equated with formal wear

Even if you choose a décor fabric that is significantly more jumpy than the black/gray/blue above, it is considered a rustic casual design in the category of gentlewear.

Alan See

Of course, thanks to the temperament and shade of the décor itself, it can at least give outsiders a perceptual perception of the difference in formality between suits – although they are all “formal wear”, the colors are more casual than black and gray.

With this in mind, it is necessary to re-emphasize that the theme discussed today is commuting/work wear.

Unless you’re in a creative industry like advertising, art or fashion, if you follow the example of Pitti Uomo and wear a variety of crisp and eye-catching macaron hue suits to work, you will most likely be blinded by colleagues and bosses: whether you are coming to work or on vacation.

As I understand it,

75% formality still means this type

Leisure set

The dashing shown cannot override decency

Among the many colors, I personally think that it will be a good interpretation of this suit state

Highly saturated hues

Especially on Pitti Uomo

Tobacco brown

Ochre color



Neutral colors

, or on the deeper side



and such as


Such unique fabrics with a two-tone effect, etc.

When they incorporate into informal business attire, you’ll find that they don’t show an overly aggressive or restrained temperament. Instead, there is a gentle and pleasant hint, as if touching the bottom of a wine glass, smoking a cigar, and talking and laughing has become a business.

After choosing a suit, the matching of the inner heel shoes must also be straightened out according to the overall shape tone.

Among other things, different effects can be combined according to the texture and décor of the fabric, such as casual suits made of wool in all seasons, worsted shirts, oxford shoes, etc. can also create a sophisticated and relatively formal business/work atmosphere.

But if it is a relatively chic and distinctive fabric such as linen, cotton and even silk and linen wool, it is undoubtedly more suitable for casual business motif and polo to match the casual tone of business, and complete some lighter travel tasks.

50% formality

Business casual, suitable for most work/commute scenarios.

50% formality is basically what we often call the so-called Smart Casual shape, which uses single western wear as the main axis.

Compared with the two suits mentioned above, the single suit is a more universal daily commuting work outfit.

Whether it is a unit within the system, Internet people, or advertising, media and other industries with a relatively relaxed working atmosphere, single-west mixing and matching will always be the most acceptable suit dressing routine.

First of all, the existence of the single west has helped users who generally do not have uniform restrictions but sometimes need to maintain the most basic decency.

Whether it’s a two-button, 3-roll-2 or double-breasted, even if you wear a T-shirt, slacks and sneakers, it will act as a “pocket” without putting you under the burden of wearing a suit.

Secondly, it is highly inclusive, which is reflected in the ability to mix and match with different styles of pants and produce a chemical reaction similar to “neutralization”.

If you want to be modern and fashionable, you can wear jeans, if you want Sven to have a pair of khaki pants with a pair of Ivy style, of course, the most suitable thing for gentlemen players is the casual gentleman pants that carry the language of tailoring.


But although a single set of western seems to become taboo,

However, in the general work scene, some thunder is still not recommended to step on, such as the spring and summer gentleman’s favorite white

White, a highly reflective color, can basically make you the focus of walking in an instant. Of course, there is no big violation for practitioners in literature and art, fashion and other industries, but it is definitely too ostentatious and pompous for some Internet people and programmers.

In fact, if you want to get rid of dullness, in addition to black/gray/blue, there are many single suit decors that you can choose from. For example, the dark green, earth tones, and stripes such as prince’s check, houndstooth grid, and fine check mentioned above can present a low-key and qualitative visual feeling.


25% formality

Leisure commuting for work and office situations with a casual atmosphere.

In fact, 25% formality is nothing worth saying, because there are too many men’s clothing directions that can be satisfied, and the reason why I pick it out here is mainly to recommend some ideas that are more decent and personalized than sweatshirts + jeans.

For example, jackets, many people think of the same style of plain black old cadres when they mention jackets, or star military classics such as the MA-1 that have long been out of the circle.

There’s no denying that these basic jacket designs are the least error-prone choice for everyday casual commutes, but it’s a bit difficult to wear in terms of personality and quality.

So what’s the best choice?

You often have to think about the details

One is


, as one of the most intuitive elements, how the texture of the material largely determines the quality of this dress, and it is also a decent consideration for commuter wear to distinguish ordinary casual models.

Modern technological fabrics such as ordinary cotton and nylon, cordula and so on, although they also have a certain sense of luster, but the high-grade texture is often silk, wool, cashmere and suede and other leather such warm materials are better.

The other is


In fact, the so-called commuting leisure only 25% of the formality, mainly rely on

Capable and neat

The look and silhouette of the pieces to present

If you have a retro plot, you can use a modified industrial uniform or hunting suit to match the relatively formal lower body, which can also create a relatively decent sense of casualness.

Of course, if you occasionally want to escape from an image that is too capable and tough, you can consider all kinds of things like this spring




The jacket-style design is easy to put on and take off, and can also be used as an inner layer to create layers, adding a bit of elegance to the casual commuting look.



In terms of specific styles, I personally recommend decorations

Indian totem


Plain but with a distinct texture

The design is mainly from the details to further highlight personal taste while keeping a low profile.


The above is Leo’s general sharing of clothing ideas according to different formal work commuting scenarios and universality, which will not make a big mistake, but it is not an absolute copy of the work template.

After all, a earth-colored tweed casual suit, in terms of decency, may not be comparable to a simple navy blue single suit + gray single pants.

All in all, the grasp of commuting clothing and formality depends on the personal understanding of the system and the implementation of TPO, and when you can meet the needs of the scene and take into account your personal style, it has proved that you have achieved another result of advancement.







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