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Jeans fashion has been around for a long time, and no matter what age, we should have one in our wardrobe


! Denim has developed into a variety of styles, whether it’s handsome or aggressive

Fresh literature

, can be switched freely.

Uninhibited and free-tasting jeans provide us with more possibilities for dressing, not only in wearing

The comfort level is very high

, and it is very well matched, will not expose many body defects, can take into account

Stylish and practical.

Xi Mengyao as

Top models

, fashion sense of smell is super sensitive, simple jeans can also be matched with the runway


Xi Mengyao denim dress analysis

Jeans + lace sheer outfit

Loose fit denim jacket with skinny underwear

The law of elastic matching


! The tight underwear and bottoms wrap the whole person tightly, in the slim wear

Body curves

Being fully displayed, tall and slender body,

A complete supermodel.

Black skinny jeans give the leg line a look

Firming and toning

, the long legs against the sky are particularly eye-catching. The wide coat was added


, make the legs look

More slender.

Cover the small man’s waist

The loose large-edition denim jacket will still give people because of the crispness of the fabric

Free and handsome

feeling, but will be visually more casual and lazy. collocation

Skinny underwear

, there is no feeling of bloat at all, even if it loosely covers the waist, the junction between the upper body and the lower body

The contrast is clear

, also still gives

Small man’s waist

déjà vu.

The golden-black underwear is paired with a blue denim jacket, and black reduces the presence of the underwear, making it a simple basic coat

More eye-catching

。 Have to say denim jacket

Sure enough, it’s classic enough

, choose the right style to wear

High-class and eye-catching

, It’s right to learn from Xi Mengyao.

Underwear with sheer lace

It was unacceptable at the beginning

Underwear outerwear,

It’s not a new topic these days. Underwear is not only a liberation for women’s dressing, but also a fashion time


。 It breaks through the sexiness of personality, fashionable and foreign, and full marks for fashion expression.

The focus of matching underwear is on

Breathable and layered

。 Lace is paired with a corset to look sexy and cool without being particularly revealing, and the black combination makes the whole

Very well matched

The large V-neck increases skin exposure and makes it look layered under heavy jeans,

More airy.

I have to say that Xi Mengyao dresses quite specially, the lace inside is thin and transparent, but the denim jacket is worthy

Quite warm

Accessories add to the overall style

Wearing without accessories is like a plate of loose sand, take off one piece, and there is no style to speak of. Choose accessories with a strong sense of personality to strengthen the whole set of styles,

The overall atmosphere is consistent

, personalized outfits are revealed in minutes. choose

Chopker as a necklace

, with black pointed toe heels, rebellion

Cool girl

The image is matched.

Denim is not a “fashion item”, but it is the best item in the fashion industry. as long as

Aesthetics online

, you can try various collocations. Even lace that looks out of place can be used

The cowboy is well driven.

Warm pieces

Good outfits, of course

Comfortable and warm

La! In addition to giving a very warm feeling, lamb wool is also used as an embellishment for denim jackets

Very stylish,

Whether it’s school or

Daily commute

, all make people feel full of vitality, age reduction and have

Young blood.

In addition to the fur collar design, denim jackets are also used

Straps as decoration

。 The belt type lace-up design of the hem can not only be used as a decoration, but also can be tied to tighten the fit of the clothes, yes

Practical and personal

of decoration.

Two parallel straps at the cuffs make the garment even more

Add some coolness

, orange snap button makes clothes more vibrant,

Super tender.

Ripped jeans are full of personality

Ripped jeans are indispensable in the trendy world of young people, and hipsters love the modern visual effect brought by ripped jeans with a little bit

small rebellion,

Make jeans look extraordinary

Easy and good-looking.

Sweatshirt sweatpants + denim jacket

Clean juvenile atmosphere

The combination of sweatshirt and denim jacket is unconsciously reminiscent of beautiful Korean dramas, and it always looks clean

Youthful atmosphere

。 Although the fit is simple

Base fit

, but faded and hemmed make the denim jacket look

Extra personality.

Gray sweatshirt for denim jacket

Very friendly,

Don’t grab the gaze gathered on the coat, and make the match very good


to fully bring out the fashion sense of layering.

Sweatshirt and denim can cover almost all weaknesses in the figure, hence this way of dressing

Very popular,

Anyone can learn it.

Comfortable sweatpants

In addition to official jeans, sisters with good figures can also try on sweatshirts and denim jackets

Matching sweatpants

。 Sweatpants are loose and comfortable,

Very good breathability

, but for people with short legs, there may be “no legs” trouble.

The combination of purple pants and denim jacket is not as comfortable as the dark color, but it is unexpected

Youth shines

, sports leisure wind makes the whole person energetic, collagen

Full of breath

Dropped shoulder denim jacket + light jeans

Asymmetrical beauty

A denim jacket with a relatively soft fabric is not very silhouette like a regular denim jacket, therefore

Very malleable

, you can integrate some fashion elements into the way you dress.

Tuck one end of the shirt into the waistband of your trousers, and the sense of fashion is immediately enhanced, showing asymmetry

Handsome and casual

The dropped shoulder denim jacket plays

Weakens the shoulder line

It is especially suitable for girls with wide and thin shoulders.

The loose fit is accentuated by dropped shoulders

Lazy and comfortable

, a big one wraps the whole person, wide and loose size

Cover the flesh to show leanness


White T-shirts, caps, casual style with the blessing of accessories

Freedom and comfort

, while the choker around the neck and the layered necklace succeeded

Showing individuality,

Take fashion finish a step further.

Denim jacket though looks


, but in fact, ever-changing, with good matching, you can also make one


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