Today, “61” Children’s Day is not just, as long as you do not mind old, 60-year-old uncle also happy over 61. Also I do not know which year, “618” Shopping Festival sixty-one contact together, especially the June 1 this day, preferential very large, ready to send a small gift sixty-one partners in order to say today a great value. Today, we carefully recommend that several sixty-one gift, whether a child or old elf, you can give them a Surprise!

三款大孩子最爱的六一节礼物 一个都不能少

AMD 8-core processor equipped with a custom Sony PlayStation 5, compared to the previous generation product, performance and display have brought a substantial upgrade: 3.5GHz clock speed, 4K resolution, 120Hz high frame game screen, to bring you super cool gaming experience. By the way here to recommend a new AOC AG274UXP gaming monitor, used in conjunction with PS5 effect Gengshuang.

AG274UXP this monitor at the same time providing a high 144Hz refresh rate, also provides 4K resolution, the game screen to get a clearer presentation. Join HDR600 technology, so that bright and dark picture with more detail to show further enhance the immersive gaming experience.

三款大孩子最爱的六一节礼物 一个都不能少

With game consoles and monitors, gaming headset natural essential, here recommend a somic GS401 2.4G wireless headset version of the game. 50mm headphone equipped with large moving coil sound unit, support for virtual 7.1 channel sound to the three-mode regulator, can bring a more realistic, powerful sound. 2.4G wireless version of the gift package inside a dedicated USB wireless receiver, battery life up to 8-10 hours, to meet the entertainment needs of professional players of the game.

These are recommended for everyone today small for the three older children to give the gift of sixty-one, how, with these three gifts, which the older children are not happy? !


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