Beijing News (Reporter Liu Zhen) “GALA 60th Anniversary Celebration GALA”, carefully planned and produced by the Central Ballet, will be divided into three chapters and will meet the audience online one after another, recreating the grand performance scene of “GALA for the 60th Anniversary of China-Bala” at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater on the evening of December 29, 2019. At 19:30 on July 27, “GALA Online Presentation of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of China and Bala (Part I)” will be launched online.

“GALA Online Presentation of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of China-Ballet (Part I)”. Photo courtesy of the organizer

This online performance is carefully planned and launched again after the two online performances of “Salute to Life – The 10th Ballet Creative Workshop” on May 12 and “Music and Dance Rendezvous” on June 26, in order to further meet the expectations of the general audience for ballet works of different periods and styles, and to deeply display the glorious footprints and dreams of the artistic quest of “Yijiazi” in China.

In the upcoming “60th Anniversary Celebration GALA Online Presentation (Part I)” on July 27, there are not only excerpts from the “three cornerstones” of the founding of the Chinese Ballet-classical ballet “Swan Lake”, “Pirates” and “Giselle”, but also the chapters of “Freeze Frame and Memory” that represent the exploration and development of Chinese ballet, including: “Fish Beauty”, “Unhelpful Caution”, “Children of the Prairie”, “Blessing”, “Lin Daiyu” and “Orchid Flower” excerpts; There are excerpts from the classic era’s new work “Three Chapters of Yimeng”, and there are excerpts from the landmark of Chinese ballet, “Red Detachment of Women”.

It is worth mentioning that in the “GALA 60th Anniversary Celebration of China-Ballet”, which will be presented online in three chapters in July, August and September, Feng Ying, director of the Central Ballet, will personally explain to the audience.

Beijing News reporter Liu Zhen

Edited by Meilin Xu Proofreader by Xingfa Wu

Source: Beijing News

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