Looking at the newborn baby is really happy, small hands, small body, so cute. However, new mothers must pay attention to the fact that they must be careful when choosing clothes for their children, because their flesh skin is relatively tender and will be hurt if they are not careful, so when choosing small clothes, they must have experienced it firsthand. Remember these 5 basic principles to give your baby the most comprehensive care.

1. Newborn’s clothes should be light-colored, and the texture should be pure cotton. The open, open crotch is easy to wear, and loose and comfortable. No buttons or zippers to prevent skin injury.

2. The monk-style top is conducive to cooling the neck and tying the bib, and the slightly longer top can cover the navel.

Your baby is coming to this world, and you mothers must be very happy! The joy of being a new mother can only be experienced by all mothers! I can’t experience it yet, but I can also feel that it must be very wonderful. But it’s important to keep a baby clothes for your baby. The skin of newborn babies is very delicate, so the material of the clothes must be selected. The one recommended by Xiaobian is a high-quality cotton of the first grade, soft and more comfortable, promising health and environmental protection, and giving the best care to the baby.

Pi Qiao Chun dressed in baby clothes

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As a new mom, do you have a lot of things you don’t understand? But it doesn’t matter, you can grow up with your baby, so you can still give your baby a good image. I believe that every new mother knows to prepare a newborn set for her baby, a set of three sets of clothes, suitable for the baby’s growth rules, and a shaped pillow, which can make the baby’s bones have a good development.

Newborn gift box set summer

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3. Do not use an elastic band that is too tight to prevent affecting the development of the thoracic cage. Newborn babies are developing rapidly in all aspects of their bodies, so be sure to choose loose clothes without any loose restraints to make them more comfortable to wear.

The baby is the mother’s intimate little padded jacket, no mother is willing to miss the baby’s growth process, the baby’s growth is actually very fast, there will be some small changes every day, as long as you record carefully, you will find that your baby is simply great! Your baby will begin to learn to crawl at three months, so a special crawling suit should be prepared for him at this time. This crawling suit is more skin-friendly, more breathable, non-shrinking, and more environmentally friendly than others, and the reasonable design makes it more convenient for the baby to crawl, all for the baby’s sake.

Newborn baby jumpsuit with short sleeves

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4. The jumpsuit should be loose enough for the baby to straighten his legs. This is not only conducive to the baby’s movement, but also has a very important role in the baby’s growth.

Every time I see those mothers holding their babies with happy smiles on their faces, Xiaobian knows how happy it is to have a baby of their own! Especially when choosing the baby’s clothes with the baby, there is an indescribable feeling. For newborn babies, you should choose this kind of fart wrapping clothes, because this can better help the baby’s development, and it is very convenient for the baby to change diapers. A set of three no longer have to worry about the baby not changing clothes, pure cotton fabric to give the baby the best love.

Fitbear 3 baby clothes jumpsuit

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Although the baby’s first Children’s Day is more important, because the baby is not conscious, so the gift is still considered from a practical point of view, such as a comfortable baby clothes, which can not only bring good care and warmth to the baby, but also make the baby feel the strong maternal love, and can also be retained in the future as a souvenir. Xiaobian introduces a natural colored cotton jumpsuit that can be machine washed without balls, leaving mothers more time to take care of their babies. It does not contain fluorescent agents, so even if the baby bites the clothes, there is no need to worry about affecting the baby’s health.

Newborn Ha Yi

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5. Newborns’ heads are easy to sweat, and sweat-absorbing cotton caps should be worn. The socks are soft and comfortable, the mouth is soft and fitted, and the back of the socks is wireless, otherwise it will also hurt the baby’s toes. Do not wear gloves or hide your small hands in your sleeves.

Newborn baby jumpsuit with short sleeves

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