Tang Yan was too thin in small black pants! Wearing a 3-layer knit shirt is covered tightly, and it is not as good as long legs to grab the camera

Tang Yan’s beauty is like Tang Yan’s favorite purple or violet to describe it, noble, elegant and full of mystery. She who has already married Luo Jin is even sweeter, and she is tired of death~ The girl wearing crystal shoes and Luo Jin took a proper photo of the princess burst with her heart. Such a sweet Tang Yan wears a long trench coat every day and still has sweet greasy teeth~Let’s see it together~

Look1.Retro sweet style

Tang Yan’s dressing style is becoming more and more fashionable, and netizens have a big brain to give away the nickname “human flesh hanger”. A pair of black leggings pencil pants, black is originally a thin color, wearing on the body can well modify the leg shape, so that the legs are slimmed down, with white casual shoes and black cap, it is really very versatile.

This three-color patchwork jacket is composed of cold black, white and gray primary colors plus a small part of gold, wearing such a color, Tang Yan’s whole person looks retro and cute. At the same time, there are many less pompous other colors, coupled with wavy long hair, the white bag also makes Tang Yan’s whole person look full of spirit.

This posing, tan cap, gives Xiao Tang Yan a retro feeling. The pink knitted sweater and black wide-leg pants completely reveal the figure first, without a trace of burden. The contrast between white shoes and black socks and pants makes the whole person full of energy and pleasing to the eye.

Look2. Mature intellectual feminine style

Tang Yan is known as a temperamental beauty. Tang Yan is tall and smiling, with a delicate face and fashionable dress, and is known as “a nine-headed beauty”. The black “Hate Sky High” contrasts with the slender white legs. Tall and beautiful, noble and elegant and full of mystery, very fresh and vulgar.

The blue and white porcelain top, with a white shirt as the bottom, paired with a dark blue short skirt, makes the whole person look not only not fancy, but fairy. The long wavy hair and Tang Yan’s delicate makeup make all the colors integrated, and it looks very bright and bright, not vulgar.

The latest street photo wearing a brown knitted cardigan with small white shoes, with a pair of jeans, more and more can wear sugar sugar did not disappoint us this time, the classic brown and blue with high-end and fashionable, as a demonstration of early spring matching just right, winter cold babies can also be paired with a long coat, play layered fashionable and warm.

Tang Yan’s one-shoulder dress or a nude piece, coupled with a half-skirt with color-blocking elements, the whole look easily plays the eye-catching feeling of long legs. Tang Yan added a pair of over-the-knee boots, and the contrast between the black boots and the fair skin made people think.

Look3. Crystal Shoe Princess

If Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s public relationship was just a simple intention, then the strength of the details of two years of love after that proved how sweet love can be. Whether it’s a Reuters photo at the airport or a promotional photo of an event. As long as Tang Yan and Luo Jin are together, it must be a sweet and spoiled CP style.

The long white dress and coiled ball head make the whole look very clean and unpolluted. Both of them are a white set, and they look very CP. At the same time, it is equipped with a pair of white shoes, without other extra colors, making the whole person look tall and tall, and the figure is unobstructed, which is enviable.

White is a pure color, such a shirt gives a comfortable feeling, this collar can play a good role in blocking the wind. Luo Jin’s black round turtleneck sweater looks very smart, shining in the sun, and the loose big wavy hair has also lost a lot of age.

Tang Yan’s street photography has provided our girls with a lot of dressing experience, even if winter comes, we must learn to dress, not only to retain our demeanor, but also to lose the temperature, and to be full of vitality in winter. At the same time, Luo Jin and Tang Yan also provided a lot of choices for our CP clothing, which should be warm and elegant and generous.

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