The graphics card extension cable seems to be not just needed for most users. But interestingly, the graphics card extension cable is popular with quite a few users. On the one hand, this is the use of graphics card extension cables, so that the graphics card is placed vertically in the chassis, with the corresponding color and better cable management space, which indeed improves the appearance of the entire chassis; On the other hand, from a practical point of view, after using the graphics card extension cable to place the graphics card vertically, the load on the motherboard can be reduced, especially the high-end graphics card is heavier, and it is inevitable that the motherboard will be deformed after being inserted in the graphics card slot of the motherboard for a long time.

From an aesthetic point of view and practical value, the graphics card extension cable does have its positive significance. In previous years, most of the graphics card extension cables were still PCI-E 3.0×16, but the interface of the graphics card has been upgraded to PCI-E 4.0×16. Since last year, some PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cables have gradually appeared in the market, but there are also many problems, either the appearance process is not up to standard, or plugging in the graphics card cannot work normally.

So let’s talk about some selection points for PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cables. If you want your chassis to be beautiful and tidy, and you don’t want your motherboard to be deformed by high-end graphics cards, and at the same time meet the performance of graphics cards, then you may wish to take a look at our graphics card extension cable shopping guide this time.

Try not to buy cheap, you get what you pay for

For accessories such as graphics card extension cables, many users feel that there is no technical content, they are just cables, so they are greedy for cheap goods to buy cheap goods, and as a result, they often encounter problems that cannot be used or PCI-E bandwidth drops. This problem will actually be more obvious on PCI-E 4.0×16, because the bandwidth of PCI-E 4.0×16 is up to 64GB/s in both directions, which puts forward high requirements for PCB, wire and corresponding processes, and the lower cost extension line, not only the number of PCB layers is less, nor any anti-interference measures, the quality is also worrying, which of course can not meet the needs of graphics cards.

Now the price difference of PCI-E graphics card extension cable is very large, cheap tens of yuan, expensive more than 500 yuan, usually this price difference will be obviously reflected in the workmanship materials. So from our point of view, if you buy a PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cable, you don’t have to buy the most expensive, but at least you can’t buy the cheaper. We recommend that the kind of products that are tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars do not be considered, it is basically difficult to meet the due performance standards after transferring the graphics card.

In addition to the price, try to consider DIY well-known brands

Generally speaking, because of the low technical content of wire, in fact, the test is the manufacturer’s balance between cost and quality, anyone can do it, depending on who can do it well. The reason why we don’t want everyone to buy that kind of bargain is because this kind of bargain is usually not a well-known brand, selling a batch may change a brand, cheap goods may still be a factory out, so not to mention the stability of the product, after-sales is also a trouble. From this point of view, buy some well-known DIY brand graphics card extension cable, at least do not worry about the manufacturer running away.

In fact, many graphics card and peripheral manufacturers have made their own graphics card extension cables, such as EVGA, Rainbow, Cooler Supreme, Lianli and Asus. The price is more expensive than miscellaneous brands, but on the one hand, the quality is good, on the other hand, we don’t have to worry about product performance is not up to standard, although these manufacturers are not doing it themselves, but they always have to face, so if they come out of the PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cable, it is really able to meet the performance needs of PCI-E 4.0×16.

Pay attention to your own chassis, bracket set to prepare

Generally speaking, the graphics card extension cable and the graphics card bracket are inseparable, because only the graphics card extension cable cannot be fixed and installed by the graphics card. But now look at the products of graphics card extension cables, many of them only have cables, but lack of brackets. Of course, many chassis now bring their own design that can install the graphics card vertically, so that the graphics card only needs an extension cable to be erected with screws on the corresponding design, which does not require a separate bracket.

However, if it is an old chassis, many of them do not have side brackets, so when you buy a graphics card extension cable, but PCI-E 4.0 or PCI-E 3.0, you must first pay attention to whether your chassis has a design suitable for vertical installation of graphics cards, if not, then when buying a graphics card extension cable, you must pay attention to whether the extension cable has a bracket. Generally speaking, the product extension cable and bracket of large manufacturers are all set prepared together, which is one of the reasons why we think that the graphics card extension cable of large manufacturers is more worth buying.

Both hard and soft, check more before and after purchase

If you really don’t want to spend so much money on the PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension line because of the limited budget, you must buy cheap products below 200 yuan, then we have no more way but to advise users to check more before and after purchase. Before buying, you should first touch the thickness of the wire, if the wire is too thin, you will give up first, after all, no one wants to break in a few days. In addition, look at the thickness of the PCB, the thicker the better, and then see if there is an anti-electromagnetic interference design, how well the gold immersion process of the gold finger is done, these are things that can be known at a glance, if this aspect is done poorly, then it is cheap and can not be bought.

After purchasing, the most intuitive way is to connect the graphics card extension cable to the graphics card slot, and then connect the computer to see if it can meet the performance requirements of PCI-E 4.0. This part is the simplest, after all, we only need to use a GPU-Z to see whether the graphics card is in the state of PCI-E 4.0×16. Some cheap goods with poor workmanship usually drop to the bandwidth of PCI-E 3.0×16, which can be returned directly to the boss!

These PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cables work well

At present, the PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cable on the market is gradually increasing, if you choose a little troublesome, then we also recommend several PCI-E 4.0 extension cables, although not cheap, but overall the quality is still good. At least follow our recommended purchase and don’t worry about the performance and quality of these products.

GIGA-MEGA PCI-E 4.0 extension cable

The brand of Jingzhao Information is not so loud, but the thing is not bad, and the PCI-E 4.0 extension cable is not so well-known manufacturers, and the quality is relatively excellent. The appearance is quite beautiful, the PCB uses four layers of M6 materials, the connector part is made of PC+ABS plastic, and the material of the wire is also quite good. And from their own tests, after passing the transfer, the graphics card reached PCI-E 4.0×16 without any problems.

This product is a bit similar to customization, users want any length of the have, up to 1 meter, of course, 1 meter estimated loss performance will be a lot, although the official said that it can still reach the speed of PCI-E 4.0×16, we recommend buying it within 30CM. This product is the cheapest 12CM, the price is 300 yuan, but the bracket needs to be purchased separately, if the chassis itself has a graphics card vertical design, then this is indeed a good choice.

Colorful PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cable

As a major graphics card manufacturer, Rainbow’s own PCI-E 4.0 extension cable is of course relatively safe. Whether in terms of design or cable, it is currently quite good, although the appearance seems to lack some characteristics, but for the average person, it can be used in the chassis, not to mention that this extension cable comes with a bracket, even if the user’s chassis does not support graphics card vertical, there is no problem. Judging from some media measurements, the performance of this product is quite good, and it is worth recommending a wave.

It’s just that the price of this thing is a little strange, the official price of Rainbow is 599 yuan, in fact, to be honest, it is already relatively high, but the quotation given by some third-party channels is 349 yuan, such a gadget different channels The difference between different channels reaches more than 200 yuan, we are very confused. So if you buy, it is better to buy 349 yuan directly, and there is no difference from 599 yuan.

Cooler Extreme PCI-E 4.0 graphics card extension cable

The rainbow extension cable is a single bracket, but the Cooler Supreme bracket is more like the design on the chassis. Of course, the cool supreme graphics card extension cable is indeed better in design and appearance, and the material is also quite fierce, multi-PCB board, excellent gold immersion process, anti-electromagnetic interference design and anti-ultraviolet ABS protective cover, basically to say workmanship and design, this is already a super high level.

Of course, super high level has super high price… This product actually sold for 599 yuan, which is indeed a bit expensive. Our opinion is that if you have a chassis with the corresponding color of Cool Supreme, you can buy this product together. Otherwise, although the quality is good enough and the appearance is high enough, users can also wait for the price to come down a little before starting. 599 yuan compared to other similar products, it is a bit hot!

Write at the end

The graphics card extension cable is actually a small accessory that is not so eye-catching, but because of this, everyone does not pay enough attention to it, so after the graphics card entered the PCI-E 4.0 era, some crude graphics card extension cables flooded the market, which did play a negative role in the use of users.

This year should be the time when the PCI-E 4.0 extension cable is completely popularized, whether it is a well-known or unknown manufacturer is launching similar products, for users in demand, it is indeed meaningful, as we said, high appearance and practical value. However, the price of PCI-E 4.0 extension cable is still a little high, and it is estimated that the price of PCI-E 4.0 extension cable can only be reduced after a large number of products are launched next year. It’s just that because the chassis and graphics card are already in place, some users do have this demand, so you may wish to take a look at our guide when buying, or buy according to our recommendations.

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