Summer matching pursues simple and refreshing outfits, but in the season of subtraction, it is not recommended that you choose one-piece items, such as dresses, jumpsuits and other items, which are really too lacking in diversity when matching. In contrast, the two-piece outfit can help you wear a simple and changeable look, which really achieves one plus one equals N.

Want a two-piece look that looks super stylish? We also need to get some careful matching skills, such as creating a CP sense of wearing, so that we can wear just the right fashion. And the following 8 sets of simple and refreshing two-piece sets for everyone to plant grass to meet different body shapes and skin tones, there is always a set for you.

When it comes to two-piece sets, the first thing that comes to mind should be this suit, which can be worn very fashionable without bothering to match. And today’s sportswear of this sunscreen shirt + shorts planted for everyone is very friendly to the pear-shaped body with a fat upper body, and the upper body covers flesh and protects against the sun.

The sunscreen behind the upper body is the same length as the shorts, which not only defines the wide crotch and thick legs, but also perfectly interprets the fashionable wearing method of missing the lower body. With a combination of sports-style vests and shoes and socks, you can wear a trendy girly feeling on the upper body, which is not good and very showcased.

Like the ladylike dressing style, we can choose a white skirt suit with elegant temperament and age-reducing temperament, the upper body temperament is pure and has a sense of first love, which is simply a dating artifact.

The skirt suit has a very layered upper body, but the monochrome is not monotonous, and you can wear N styles when you match them separately, and the advantages are simply not too much. In order to brighten up the look, we borrowed from this outfit, choosing a waistless match, the upper body is fashionable and tall, and everyone who is tall and short can wear the style of a goddess.

Compared to a complete set of clothing, I personally recommend that you learn how to wear a suit, and use the items in your wardrobe to wear a new look, which is not only fashionable but also saves money.

Today’s group of looks planted for everyone, the matching of complementary colors of the upper and lower clothes, wears a unique and novel summer look. Like to show off the high-profile style of dressing, we can take advantage of high saturation colors that can attract the attention of passers-by. Since ancient red and blue out of CP, the red short sleeves of retro red collide with the blue denim skirt, which is not only 100% eye-catching, but also foreign and white.

Summer pursues cool and not stuffy matching, so in addition to choosing a very CP sense of color, we may also choose a color combination that looks cold. For example, this mint green T-shirt + denim shorts match, the upper body has a refreshing charm.

The classic summer combination of T-shirt + jeans is to choose a prominent color matching, which still makes you worry that the look is not personalized and fashionable. Follow this outfit and use mix-and-match shoe and bag accessories and a little fresh hairstyle to highlight your awesome outfits.

The upper and lower wear are also highly saturated colors, and it is easy to wear a sense of cheapness, so the low-saturation color collides with the plain white, and there is a small fresh feeling without picking the skin tone, which is very suitable for summer.

The most popular combination of fresh and soothing blue and white sky colors in summer, if you want to wear it beautifully, you can also choose the current trendy style. Today’s small lapels double-breasted short sleeves and neat and neutral cropped pants, the upper body temperament is sweet and handsome, easily wearing this year’s super hot sweet cool girly style.

Highly saturated tops easily reflect the color to our faces, making the makeup very dirty, thus showing black and reducing our appearance; The light-colored top looks clean, and even black and yellow skin stars can wear a high-value look.

Therefore, compared with the eye-catching colors of red, blue and green, I personally recommend that girls with yellow and black leather choose a minimalist black and white combination. The shallow and deep wearing method helps you wear a summer look with white skin and long legs. This time, the combination of the black button shirt and the black skirt also has a color echo relationship, and the upper body looks delicate and good-looking.

This time, the matching borrowed from the color echoing the upper body, and chose a pink, purple and white striped shirt colliding with the white bottom, so that you can wear the suit style without much effort.

This time, the upper and lower wear choices have chosen a small fresh campus style style, a youthful and energetic striped shirt with a small short skirt with a pressed pleated design on one side, and the upper body is playful to reduce age. The girl’s hairstyle next door is more girly, and the sweet but not greasy dressing style helps you be 18 years old every day!

If you are a girl with a flat figure, when choosing a striped shirt, you can get this year’s popular drawstring design. This chest drawstring design shows off the thin waist and beautiful chest when tightened, looking elegant and feminine.

Blue and black contrasting striped short sleeves, paired with black wide-leg pants, can not only echo the tone of the entire match, but also wear a daily comfortable look, and most importantly, thick legs and thin legs!

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