The trench coat that can not be missing in spring and autumn can be described as one piece for everyone, and the solid color basic model is tired of wearing, and many little fairies want to come to something different.

In the past two years, the popularity of checks has continued unabated, and the fashion trend has been contracted by it, and the checked trench coat full of British retro style came into being.

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“Fashionable” British retro style

Needless to say, how classic and popular the check is, street photography styles are endless, there are playful and hearty street two-color checks, delicate urban checks, rational atmosphere, exclusive workplace elites suit checks, relaxed and pleasant mosaic squares, diamond checks, color checks…

“Fabric Interpretation” cotton-dyed yarn

The yarn-dyed process has high technical requirements, and the cost of input is much higher than that of conventional printing. And this I use pure cotton fabric – pure cotton yarn-dyed fabric is already a high-end product in pure cotton fabrics, which is very quality. Pure cotton-dyed yarn check, and a bit of cotton and linen vision, feel good, looks very high-class.

“Color analysis” starry sky blue and warm soft sand

Elegant and fresh starry sky blue, just listening to the name is enough to capture the hearts of most girls, giving you atmospheric and capable, but also elegant and intellectual, not only full marks of beauty, the key is also fashionable and beautiful. And the warm and soft sand color with a bit of hazy and confusing feeling, low-key and not eye-catching and with a mysterious and noble sense, looks very personal. The check composed of these two colors is really eye-catching, and it is simply a small fresh face in the check industry.

“Detail analysis” sleeve three-dimensional cropping

Sleeve three-dimensional cutting Sleeve three-dimensional cut is interesting, special pleated treatment, ergonomic, arm movement is not constrained at all, and the cuffs are also adjusted to meet different styling needs.

“Loose H-type” casual and capable

The whole is loose H-shaped, the waist line is raised, the proportion is better and higher, even the long trench coat does not worry about pressing the figure. Fasten the belt for an X-shaped posture, casual or capable, switching in a second.

“Classic trench coat” is varied

The checked trench coat has a vintage British accent and interprets a classic taste from the old days. The slim and sleek loose H fit is more elegant and malleable than the slim version.

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