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At about 3:30 p.m. on November 3, the children of the football team of Zhengzhou Huashan Road Primary School lost 12 ID cards and student status cards at the entrance of the No. 3 Primary School on Wenhua Road in Zhengzhou.

There are still competitions to be used this week, so please help spread it and help the kids find their documents sooner.

On the afternoon of November 3rd, the children of the football team of Huashan Road Primary School, led by Tu Yili, the school’s physical education teacher, went to the third elementary school of Wenhua Road in Jinshui District to participate in a football match. At about 3:30 after the game, Tu Yili returned with the children, and he carefully packed the children’s student registration cards and ID cards together in a white transparent document bag.

On the day of the competition, four parents volunteered to help pick up their children, and they parked their cars on the side of the road 20 meters east of the three small gates of Wenhua Road on Bosong Road.

After coming out of school, Mr. Tu handed a bag of documents to a child on the soccer team and asked the child to take it back for safekeeping.

“I don’t know if it fell on the ground while getting in the car, or if the child lost it somewhere else.” Teacher Tu said.

Because there was still a competition ahead, Teacher Tu called on the morning of November 4 to remind the child to go to school with his documents, only to find that the document bag containing the documents was lost.

“There were originally three competitions this week, and we have coordinated with the organizers to go to the competition first with a copy of the child’s school certificate. But these documents are too important, and it is very troublesome to reissue. Teacher Tu said.

The ID is packed in a white transparent file bag, and the words Huashan Road Primary School can be seen on the student registration card.

The matter is more urgent, if you or someone close to you found this file bag, or have relevant news, please contact Teacher Tu in time, contact information: 15238006132.

If you don’t have a message, please forward this message to as many people as possible, thank you!

(Henan Business Daily editors Shi Shangjing Lv Ruitian)

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