After wearing little black pants all winter, I was finally interested in changing my style.

The first replacement item that comes to mind is simple and refreshing little white pants. ▼

However, when it comes to white pants, many people feel that it is not resistant to dirt and looks fat, so it is rarely worn. I also agree very much about the fact that white pants are not tolerant to dirt, but to say that it looks fat is a bit inaccurate. ▼

After all, the pants do not appear fat, and the color has little to do with it, mainly depending on the fit. For example, small leg pants are more slim and suitable for girls with thin legs, while straight pants and micro-flared pants look good even if girls with thick legs wear them. ▼

If you want to say that the pants that can hide the flesh and show the thin legs, it has to be wide-leg pants, loose pants can very well define the leg line, whether your body is slightly fat, pear-shaped or small, wide-leg pants are an excellent choice. Even if it is winter to keep warm, put a thick pair of leggings under the pants, it will not be seen by others. ▼

Of course, wide-leg pants also have subtle differences in the fabric and looseness of the tubes. For some girls with slightly fat legs and thick legs, the material is stiff and loose wide-leg pants can well cover up the shortcomings of their lower body. However, don’t get too fat on your trousers, as it can easily make you look bloated. ▼

I don’t know if you have found that the same pair of pants, when paired with rose red shoes, the visual effect is obviously much more fashionable than wearing black canvas shoes, lighting up the overall shape. ▼

Therefore, it is recommended that when matching white wide-leg pants every day, appropriately snub the little black shoes and small white shoes, choose some styles with more bright colors, and add some material to your fashion!

Idea 1: Bright shoes are beautiful

Colors you don’t usually dare to try, so why not dare to try them and have a fashionable look at what you say!

▲For example, this year’s popular color: yellow.

▲ I know that when you see this set of pictures, the first thing you notice must be shoes ~ simple embellishments, the overall plain outfit is not fashionable UP.

▲ For workers, yellow shoes can also be worn to work daily, you can choose this square head small heel, wear to the office is not exaggerated, maybe you can also Amway to colleagues girlfriends.

▲Red pointed toe high heels are also suitable for work. Why emphasize pointy heels, because this basic style, with its own sense of formality, can dissolve the lively style brought by bright colors and avoid making the shape look frivolous.

▲ Shopping with your sisters, you can change into red ankle boots, plus the embellishment of the belt, and wear a full taste of the year in advance.

▲ As the purple of the last popular color, wear it with white wide-leg pants for another year, even if it is a small area of purple, I can have a bright fashion feeling.

Idea 2: Bright top

It is no exaggeration to say that white with all bright colors is OK, good looking and photogenic.

▲ Of course, the bright top I am talking about is not this kind of brightness, this degree of brightness is far from enough, with white wide-leg pants there is a gentle feeling at home. Styling is too common to be challenging.

▲ What I want to talk about is this high-brightness top in the picture on the right. The wide-leg pants with a relatively bland style, with the blessing of a bright red sweater with its own brightness, immediately get a good temperament.

▲ Worried that you can’t control a large area of bright clothes, then just take it as an inside.

▲ When Victoria’s Secret supermodel Romee Strijd went out on the street, she wore a yellow suede short jacket, which was too perfectly proportioned.

▲ Change into a yellow sweatshirt, wear a white beret on your head, and inadvertently wear the girl on the French movie poster, French style emotional feeling. Many literary and artistic young people around me love this style.

Idea 3: Choose bright colors for tops and shoes

For those with strong matching ability, the embellishment of a single piece, so easy! It’s time to show your true strength!

▲ This matching method is actually not difficult, as long as the top and shoes remain the same color, wearing it on the body has a feeling of echoing up and down, easy to imitate.

▲ Two groups of similar outfits, the first thing you notice is the right picture of wearing bright shoes?

▲ Items that echo the color of the shoes, not draped over the shoulders without underwear, the color contrast is strong, but it is extremely harmonious.

▲ Extend it slightly, you can also add some animal patterns to the shoes.

▲ It’s a bit like the last point in the first idea mentioned above. But at the same time, don’t forget to match the upper body with a large area of bright colors, and add color to the white wide-leg pants at the same time. The color of the sweater inside does not look very bright, and it can be brightened with the help of the bag. The bag in the model’s hand is not just a random one, it is also exquisite.

▲ If you don’t have time to match your clothes well when you get up in the morning, you can carry a bright bag to avoid the monotony of white wide-leg pants. Well, today I will share it here, there are many skills, welcome to try it on!

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