Hangcheng’s winter this year came a little unexpectedly, it was still a crisp autumn, suddenly the cold air killed, snowflakes flew Hangcheng overnight silver, but the southern friends who did not see snow were happy. But then came the winter rain that lasted for more than a month, and I felt that it was the summer rainy season again, making everyone moldy. These are still secondary, the key is that the magic attack in winter is “wet and cold”, and the cold is uncomfortable. Let’s play with your phone and freeze your hands, don’t play, and mentally can’t bear the torment.

Fortunately, I was prepared to find out my “treasured” Xiaomi wool touch screen gloves, with it, my hands are not cold, and I don’t have to face the dilemma of whether to “do it” or “freeze my hands” when playing with my mobile phone.

I don’t know why Xiaomi has officially removed and stopped selling this touchscreen glove, but fortunately, there are two pairs in its own inventory, and there is no problem in using it for a few years. Two pairs of gloves were purchased at different times, one pair of packaging is Xiaomi’s traditional kraft paper packaging box, the other pair is purchased near the Spring Festival, so the packaging is full of festivity, is the Chinese red loved by the Chinese people.

In view of the upcoming Spring Festival, let’s open this pair of gloves and use them. Simple and beautiful interior, white finger sleeve encapsulated gloves, MI LOGO as seal, a little finishing touch, always feel an indescribable sense of pleasure.

This pair is blue, while the other pair is light gray, and gay men like blue. The pattern on the gloves is a pattern of snowflake crystals, and it is still very good to use as a decorative pattern for gloves. Segmented design, the overall visual effect is also better.

There is nothing different about two different colors of gloves, just choose according to your favorite color. The only difference is that the light gray gloves started earlier, so the wrist of the gloves has a MIlogo tag. Later, I canceled this label, and I think it was removed because I considered the comfort of the wrist when wearing it.

The elastic band on the wrist of the glove is relatively wide, about 4cm wide, and the elasticity is excellent, and the tightness is very good after wearing the glove. The elasticity is moderate, and after wearing it for a period of time, the wrist part will not feel very strangled, and there will be no strangulation marks. The fluff inside the gloves is even warmer.

Everyone knows that wool is a very warm natural environmentally friendly fabric, according to the official glove label, the fabric composition of gloves, wool accounted for 41%, which can be said to be very high. For hand warmth, the proportion of wool fabric on gloves is very good.

The part of the glove for touch screen use is obviously different from other parts of the glove, and the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of the left and right gloves are obviously darker, and this part is designed for the use of mobile phones, and there are metal fiber components inside, so that the effect of touching the mobile phone screen can be achieved. The symmetrical design of the left and right gloves makes it barrier-free for both left and right hands.

Wearing gloves to operate the mobile phone in winter is extremely convenient, and the hands will not freeze. You can also use your phone flexibly. Of course, you don’t take that I have air conditioning in the room, don’t freeze my hands, and don’t need to wear gloves to lift the bar. Think about when you’re outside? It’s snowing, play with the snow, take a few photos of the circle of friends, this is also a regular operation! This is where the importance of touchscreen gloves comes in.

Okay, I’m going to put on my gloves and go out for fun, and I’m not freezing my hands this winter. It’s a pity that the official has removed this glove, and there are very few sales in other channels, and I don’t know if it’s genuine, I really want to like my wit stockpile. What about you! Isn’t it time to like it before leaving?

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