Recently, many mothers have come to me to complain, because they have a fierce discussion with the older generation on the question of “should I wear open pants for the baby”, and in the process of communicating with them, I found that there are still many mothers who do not have the habit of wearing underwear for their babies at all, and I even met a mother who said that her baby is 5 years old and has not yet begun to wear underwear. So what else to say, I’ll give you a wave of popular science today~

When should babies wear underwear?

Generally speaking, babies should adapt to wearing small underwear when they are 2-3 years old, because this period is also the time for babies to start kindergarten, babies play and study together, and gradually have a sense of privacy, there are many babies who did not like to wear underpants before, it is because they were told by other children in kindergarten that they strongly require themselves to wear underwear.

However, what many parents do not know is that the time that the baby wears underwear is related to the baby’s gender.

When should a baby boy wear underwear?

If you have a baby boy at home, then the mother should try to wear underwear for the baby when she is 2 and a half years old, and when the baby is 3 years old, she should be used to the existence of underwear, that is, 3 years old is the latest time for the baby to get used to wearing underwear. This is related to the physiological structure of the baby boy, the reproductive organs of the baby boy are outside, which is very fragile, plus the baby boy is more naughty, wearing underwear earlier can slow down the friction or the chance of bacterial invasion.

When should a baby girl wear panties?

If your family is a baby girl, then the time to wear underwear should be more advanced, because the physiological structure of women shows that baby girls are more susceptible to bacterial infections. So baby girls should get the protection of panties a little earlier than baby boys.

So should you choose briefs or boxers for your baby?

Like this kind of multiple-choice question, I am the most reluctant to make a direct decision, I will write out the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 kinds of underwear today, and mothers can choose according to this.


The advantage of this kind of small panties is that it fits closely, which can protect the baby’s private parts well, but the disadvantage is also close, the summer weather is hot and sweaty, the close-fitting small panties are definitely not so cool, and even the base of the baby’s thighs is more likely to appear prickly and other phenomena.

Four-corner panties

Then the biggest advantage of boxer panties is that they are looser, and they will be cooler in summer, but they will be worse in fit and comfort, and they are not as comfortable as briefs if they wear long pants.

Okay moms, listen to me here, you know when to put underwear for your baby or how to put underwear for your baby.

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