Today I share with my friends a set of modern and simple style home decoration cases. The owner of this house is a young girl, and the elegant and stylish champagne and high-grade gray are the main colors of the space, creating a bright home full of sunshine, and the most attractive thing is that the hidden light strip design can be seen everywhere in the space, reflecting the warm atmosphere of the space.


The entrance floor is made of gray marble floor tiles, and the wall on the entrance side is set with a large area of mirrors, implying hidden light strips, champagne gold shelves in the middle, and two drum-shaped shoe changing stools below. The entrance to the living room is bordered by two columns, which are slightly obtrusive before decoration, but are embellished with marble finishes and metal frames inlaid with champagne gold, which bring an unexpected beauty to the floor and side walls.

Living room

When you enter the living room, the first feeling is bright, full of sunlight, especially champagne and light gray as the main colors, making the space appear brighter and tasteful.

The living room did not maintain the original structure, but was demolished to form such an open large space now, with several large bay windows connected to make the whole space more transparent.

The wall on one side of the TV background wall is paved in a single block of marble, with a natural and smooth texture, and the champagne floor lamp next to it is simple but high-class. The wall on the other side of the TV background wall is customized with a champagne-colored simple display shelf, which not only maintains the overall tone of the space, but is also very practical and beautiful. The high-grade gray TV cabinet is made into a floor style, connected to the marble wall, and the vertical bar shape adds a sense of liveliness. A TV is hung in the middle of the TV wall, and the hidden light strips around it emit soft light, and the atmosphere of the space of Xiaobourgeois greets you.

The living room space adopts a fishbone puzzle to lay a light wood floor, with a light gray sofa, creating a light color style of the entire living room space, and two champagne golden round coffee tables one large and one small have become bright decorations in the living room.

Dining room + kitchen

The girls are very fashionable, and the entire living room space structure was demolished with the intention of creating an open space. The open-plan dining room connects to the living room, and the floors are made of light wooden floors made of fish bones.

The multi-functional island and dining table are designed in an integrated design, all with marble countertops. The frame of the dining table is champagne gold, which is stylish and generous. The seats are warm and calm in elephant grey tones, and geometric chandeliers echo the champagne finish on the walls.

The middle island is made into a glass cabinet, which can meet most storage needs. The glass case is also hidden with a light strip design, which makes people feel full of small qualifications.

The open kitchen is connected to the dining room, and the floor is made of marble, which is easy to clean and serves as a visual guide and distinguishes the functional space. The cabinets are simple and generous, with great storage capacity, the white floor cabinets and white countertops are particularly neat, and the champagne gold hanging cabinet echoes the style of the entire space. The central wall is still made of marble, which also echoes the floor. The wall on one side of the cabinet creates a set of wine cabinets, the same style as Nakajima. On the other wall, a white storage cabinet is created, which installs large kitchen appliances and makes the space appear spacious and tidy.

From the perspective of the setting of the dining room and kitchen space, the heroine has well established the mutual echo relationship of the space, so that you have me and I have you.


From the kitchen is the balcony space, which is not big but very well furnished. The marble floor of the kitchen extends to the balcony, and the glass on three sides has excellent natural lighting conditions, and two comfortable sofas, a small coffee table, or invite friends to have a drink or read alone and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.


The design of the bedside background wall blends minimalist blocks with artistic touches. Elegant plaster lines collide with delicate marble, adding a bit of sophistication to this simple and welcoming space, interspersing the minimalist volume to the extreme. The three staggered strip lights are the finishing touch of the space, making the space more harmonious and layered. The hidden light strips around make the space look very warm, and the fishbone parquet flooring creates a very stylish rest space.

The bedroom has a cloakroom, and the heroine chose tan transparent glass to separate the bedroom from the cloak, making the whole space full of transparency and very comfortable. The cloakroom is open-plan for convenience and style.


The layout of the bathroom makes people feel low-key luxury, that is, this is a light luxury style decoration. The walls and floors are paved with white textured marble, which is more intense, and the champagne-colored metal objects are embellished, which is simple and sophisticated.

The two-seated vanity with a gray bathroom cabinet is simple and calm, and it is especially good for storage. The mirror cabinet is transparent and can be used as a supplement to space storage.

The heroine cleverly used a small area next to the door and set up an in-wall toilet, which is fashionable and very well cared for. The freed space is placed with a small bathtub, the marbling from the floor to the wall brings a sense of visual extension, and the niche design on the wall is both practical and beautiful.

The shower area uses a transparent glass door as a partition, and the light color base color and soft light source greatly eliminate the sense of crowding of the space and make the space appear particularly transparent.

Another attractive place in this house is that the heroine has set up an independent laundry room, which greatly reduces the storage pressure of other spaces, makes the external public space more neat and beautiful, and also brings more convenience to a better life.

We have finished appreciating this modern minimalist style home decoration case. From the perspective of the entire space effect, it is simple and practical, with style and taste. The whole house can reflect the echoing relationship everywhere, and the use of light-colored materials makes the space more bright and transparent, and also expresses the owner’s pursuit of petty bourgeois and luxury quality in a low-key manner.

She’s so good at matching! After appreciating, I personally expressed sour and envious. Friends, how do you feel after enjoying it? Welcome to discuss in the comments section.

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