In the design of new houses, although everyone knows that the main thing is practical, there is no need to waste space. But in practice, there will be a little waste. After all, during the entire renovation process, there are too many details involved, and it is difficult to do everything.

This set of cases brought to you in this issue, although the owner of the house is a newlywed couple, but the positioning of the new home is surprisingly unified, that is, everything is based on practicality and does not like complicated space. Of course, from the performance after completion, it is also very practical. It is not even an exaggeration to say that this home makes me not see a little waste, which is really amazing.

Floor plan

The new house coordinates Beijing, with an area of 96 square meters, two bedrooms and two living rooms. In fact, from the perspective of space layout, too many structural changes have been made. Basically, on the basis of the original apartment type, some minor adjustments have been made. For example, divide the living room in two and extend into an office area; Another example is to incorporate the living balcony into the kitchen, use Chinese and Western double kitchens to position, and so on. Specifically, it will be analyzed through the following real scene.


At the entrance, there is a separate entrance area, although the space is not large, but the layout is very practical. It is directly designed by corner cabinet, which not only meets different storage and use needs; The hollow design of some cabinets also plays a role in weakening the cabinet, thereby alleviating the congestion of the space.

The restaurant looks at the entrance perspective, and the elegant white cabinet is simple and clean; The cabinet door is handled without handles, which reduces the complexity of the space and makes the visual performance more neat and neat.


The restaurant is actually a hallway in the home, and the area is very compact. Even so, a set of sideboards was designed and a piano was embedded to make the most of the space. The minimalist dining table is set in the center, which also realizes a comfortable flow of the space and echoes the modern fashion elements.

Living room

When the living room is divided into two, the TV wall is designed on the bathroom side, and the whole adopts a split cabinet design, which not only hides and reveals, but also makes the vision more light. In order to weaken the bathroom door next to it, an invisible design was adopted, and gray art paint added a touch of tranquility to the space.

The office area adopts an open design and is partitioned by a small sofa, which not only retains the original sense of space, but also achieves a rational layout. Of course, it also improves the interactivity of the space, so that the life picture is more harmonious and warm.

Office area

In fact, it is an office area, more is the owner’s entertainment area, game area, especially the design of the handmade cabinet on the entire wall, which reflects the personal attributes of the owner. Of course, the existence of the figure cabinet also adds a touch of highlights to the entire public area.


The kitchen is divided into two parts to design, and the outside is an independent functional area, which has the functions of laundry, simple meals, refrigerator, and sundries storage; The interior is a daily cooking area, and because the north balcony is included, the storage rate and operation experience of the entire space are very good.


Push open the door next to the TV wall, and there is the bathroom at home; Due to the lack of lighting, the whole is dominated by warm colors, which makes the atmosphere more gentle and does not lose the sense of quality.

Inside the bathroom, even if space is limited, a set of hanging lockers is installed behind the door. In this way, whether it is used to store toiletries or clothes, it is very convenient. The independent shower room design also ensures the cleanliness of the space and plays an effective role in water barrier.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is positioned with a low-saturation goose yellow, which not only effectively distinguishes the spatial level, but also creates a healing atmosphere, allowing the homeowner couple to have a better sleeping environment. When the balcony cancels the sliding door partition, it also makes the space transparent, and also extends a storage and office area.

In the current situation of the popularity of wardrobes to do swing doors, the homeowner’s house still chooses to slide the door. And the reason is very simple, that is, to compress the space as much as possible and make the space more spacious.

Second bedroom

The second bedroom is the children’s room in the future, but considering that it has not been used in recent years, it is currently used as a guest room, which is also convenient for both parents to come and stay. In terms of spatial color positioning, it is still based on a fresh and healing tone, so that the living environment is more relaxed and decompressed.

Looking at the whole case, although there are no highlights in the design, the space planning is just right. It not only ensures practicality, but also creates a comfortable and relaxed living atmosphere. In particular, abandoning the advantages of the original large horizontal hall and dividing it into two areas for use highlights the practicality. What do you think about that?

Source: Yimu Design

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