Song Qian believes that she is also a female star female idol, Korean trainee debut, her business ability needless to say is very good, singing and dancing actress, can be described as a dancer who can’t sing is not a good actor. “Yuki Chitose’s First Love” should be regarded as Song Qian’s first heroine as an actor, and Song Qian’s interpretation can be said to be very good. A few days ago in the entertainment industry a wedding event, Song Qian attended as a bridesmaid, this is also the first bridesmaid in our life, in the past airport to choose a fluorescent green blazer and bodybuilding pants to match is really very sassy. And Sissi is also very happy at the wedding, although she didn’t grab the bouquet, but participating in the wedding to witness happiness is a very happy and happy thing, Wuli Sisi is also Weibo post to bless a couple, is a good Chinese girlfriend. After attending the wedding, Sissi also worked very hard and immediately flew back to China to continue working, so what is Sissi wearing at the airport when she returns to China? Let’s take a look together~

Song Qian’s choice of matching this time is a very light color system, the matching of sweatshirt and skirt belongs to a mixed style, but just can neutralize the temperament of the skirt and the taste of the little woman with the feeling of youth movement of the sweatshirt, not too sweet but can make Sissi add some sweetness in the feeling of youth vitality, which should be the reason why most people like to mix and match.

Sweatshirt is also a very special style, splicing and strapping design, not only the feeling of youth sports, but also add some trend fashion sense, strapping is a very trendy element, and cleverly connect the two splicing colors together, you can create a sense of casual and relaxed, and naturally not stiff feeling.

The skirt is a very ladylike piece, the half-crescent print on it matches the nude pink undertone, and the skirt is a pleated and fluffy design, which is also a very sweet and cute element. And it alleviates the monotony of adding a skirt directly straight, which is an element of a very small girl, and sure enough, Sissi is also a very small girl.

With a black chain bag, it can echo the printed color of the skirt, and it is a very fashionable item, plus a black sunglasses, handsome and cool Akane, but not a little sweet, and a baseball cap is a very sporty and energetic item, which can easily create a cute feeling of age-reduction.

White T-shirts and black short skirts are definitely chosen by girls in summer, and can easily create a very girly feeling. And in the summer, the most important thing is to expose Meimei’s legs! Short skirts are definitely the best choice for little fairies!

And when you choose a T-shirt, you can choose a T-shirt with a special print, you can be more designed, and increase the fun of clothing matching, and then tuck the top into the pants can be a good lengthening of the leg length, with a pair of dark sneakers or small leather shoes are very good-looking, a little thick sole design is also a good way to lengthen the height and show height and thinness.

Green sweatshirt with jeans is a very casual and simple way to wear, but simple wearing is also a very good way to win in details, the simpler the match, the more attention to the details can appear more textured. One of the more characteristic details of this sweatshirt is the broadband on the hat, which is very different from the general sweatshirt strap, which is very advanced.

With light blue jeans, there will be no particularly cluttered and abrupt feeling, a pair of high-top sneakers is a good thing to enhance the overall sense of sport and fashion, can highlight a very unique temperament in color and matching, matching is very much need a highlight to light up the overall deepening color.

Not only is the refinement blockbuster good-looking, our Sissi airport picture is also very capable of fighting, a white openwork top with gold sneakers, simple and fashionable, and this pair of beautiful legs is even more enviable. Do you also like our Sisi very much?

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