#May the child grow up slowly#

Did your baby add complementary foods? Have you ever experienced a situation where it has become cold after just a few spoonfuls of complementary food? What is your usual solution to this problem?

Coordinates Sichuan, the temperature has plummeted recently, from 30°C hot summer to autumn to 12°C winter in just a few days.

Our baby began to add complementary food after 6 months, the amount of complementary food is small, the baby eats slowly, and the weather is basically cold before eating, so I urgently want to prepare a bowl of food for the baby that can keep warm.

The water injection and insulation bowl carries out reasonable temperature control by filling water in the compartment, injecting hot water in winter to continuously keep warm, and the baby eats hot food to protect the spleen and stomach; In summer, inject cool water to cool down quickly, so that the food will no longer burn the mouth and care for the baby’s mouth.

Novice mothers don’t understand anything, and they are very entangled every time they buy things, especially the things that babies use more carefully. Therefore, through Baidu search, video evaluation, blogger recommendations, offline mother and baby stores, and friends’ suggestions, I finally summarized the following points to think about when buying a water injection bowl.

01. The water injection method of the water filling bowl

The water injection method of the water injection and heat preservation bowl can be divided into single-hole water injection, double-hole water injection, water injection at the bottom of the bowl, water injection on the edge of the bowl, and 360-degree removable washing water injection.

Secondly, the insulation effect is proportional to the capacity of water injection, and the larger the capacity, the longer the heat preservation time.

02. Material of the water-filled thermos bowl

The safety of the selection of materials for the water-filled thermos bowl is also something I attach great importance to, after all, it is something that the baby enters, the product is safe, the baby can eat at ease, and the mother can be at ease. Common materials are PP+ silicone, PP+ stainless steel, PP food grade does not contain bisphenol A, and the insulation effect of 316 stainless steel inner tank is better

(316 stainless steel is more like an upgraded version of 304, oxidation resistant and less prone to rust)

03. Can the water filling bowl be removable?

Because water filling is required, it involves the cleaning of the filling bowl. The single-hole double-hole water-filled thermos bowl cannot be disassembled, which is inconvenient to clean, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is easy to mold for a long time. The whole body removable thermos bowl is cleaned without dead ends, easy to clean, and no stain residue.

04. Water filling bowl purchase channel

There are many types of water filling bowls, and there are many online and offline purchase channels, and it is difficult to know the qualification and safety of product materials based on our naked eye judgment. When mothers buy their baby’s tableware, if possible, it is better and more secure to buy products from well-known mother and baby brands through formal channels.

The above is what I think about as a new mom when choosing a water filling bowl for my baby. I hope that mothers will be inspired after reading it, choose a suitable water injection bowl product for babies, mothers, and finally wish the babies all over the world grow up healthily.

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