What are the lotions with good acne removal effect? Autumn and winter season hydration and moisturizing repair lotion evaluation recommendation

Bansai Acne Essence Lotion

  JM is a well-known brand in the United States, and has also published a number of patents in SCI, so it is very comfortable to use its products. This lotion contains 10% Bansai ingredients for anti-acne and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as blackheads and closed mouths, as well as repairing damaged skin.

 Shana SANA Soy Milk Beauty Skin Moisturizing Lotion

Product introduction: The product is specially formulated with collagen and pure natural tofu extract. It is said that it can make the skin of the eyebrows fine and white, and promote the deep penetration of the skin to achieve the effect of skin beautification!

  Editor’s comment: Japanese drugstores are popular NO.1. High-quality formula without added fragrances, colors, mineral oils. The refreshing texture contains soy isoflavin, which has excellent moisturizing power, and makes the skin smooth and elastic, repairs the texture of the skin, and makes the skin whiter. In Japan this group sells very well.

  Netizen Li Luoyan recommended: This product just failed last week, it’s very easy to use, friends work in Japan, bring it. Summer is here, whitening is indispensable.


Olay Oil Olay Water Transparent Curd

Product introduction: Contains natural plant whitening essence, deeply penetrates the skin. Helps solve superficial and hidden whitening problems, achieve white full of transparency, and whiten from the inside out.

  Editor’s Comment: The milky texture is suitable for normal, combination skin for daily use. The moderate moisturization level makes you feel moisturized and non-greasy, and the skin fully reveals a transparent whiteness.

  Netizen Rita recommended: This series is endorsed by Xiao S in Taiwan, and according to herself, it is not bad to use, I will try it, bought the same series of water and lotion, the moisturizing effect is good, and it will slowly turn white.

Huayu set hydrating lotion

Main Benefits: Hydrates, nourishes skin, deeply repairs and brightens skin tone, improves acne and sensitive skin

Enriched with natural botanicals such as purslane, centella asiatica, immortelle and lavender, this lotion calms and restores anti-inflammatory.

It can help the skin repair redness and re-establish the repair barrier,

Lighten melanin, remove yellowness, brighten skin tone, remove acne and lighten acne scars, reduce melanin production in the epidermis. Over time, the skin will become clearer and clearer, making the skin fairer and clearer!

Press the pump head design, the white lotion texture has a light fragrance, after application

It can indeed be found that the problem of water shortage before has improved, and the skin oil has also adjusted a lot, the effect is unexpectedly good after insisting on using it, you can feel that the skin becomes very tender and moist, the skin becomes shiny, the oil in the T zone is also improving, and the blemishes on the face are slowly disappearing, the dull skin has also become much brighter, acne not only disappeared, but also the closed blackheads on the face are much less, it is a bonus, it is really powerful to deal with red and swollen acne, must share with the sisters, He also looks a lot younger.

What are the lotions with good acne removal effect? Autumn and winter season hydration and moisturizing repair lotion evaluation recommendation

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about 30% PCR Eco-friendly CICA Soothing & Repairing Lotion, hope it can help you.

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