To talk about the biggest changes in the entertainment industry, Wu Xin is counted as one, she has long been a household name as a host in a well-known program, but her appearance every time she appears is difficult to say, which is the focus of everyone’s complaints. Now 38 years old, she has become more and more beautiful, found dressing skills and style that suits herself, especially the shape of the blue suit this time, which surprised everyone!

One. Bright pieces are beautiful and playful

The cold and dull winter has finally come to an end, and after looking at the dark tones of the whole winter, everyone has long been “eager to try”, you may wish to try bright colors, the mood becomes sunny and can also make the look more tense.

The weather warmed, everyone’s hearts were also restless, and the appearance of bright colors was even brighter. As a cool color, blue can not only simplify the piece, but also show a refreshing and cool sense of déjà vu. Wu Xin chose the blue and purple color in the center, showing white and not picking people, which is very suitable. The upper body of the piece adopts a classic suit shape, which looks simple and capable, and the highlight is the design of the shoulder pads, which makes the upper body more three-dimensional and wide and awe-inspiring, and also indirectly highlights the slenderness of the waist.

The biggest benefit of one-piece pieces is that they optimize the proportion of the body, which can be easily changed even if it is a low five-five. The link around the waist is designed with a half belt, which not only plays the role of lifting the waist line to highlight the long legs, but also looks unique and personal. The loose fit covers the flesh and looks thin, the legs appear thick and straight and even, and the feet step on high heels, which can best shape the strong female temperament of high cold atmosphere!

This outfit does not have too much decoration and embellishment, and the simple and not simple pieces are selected to present a strong high-class aura. In addition to dressing, Wu Xin also pays attention to the matching of styling, slightly curly long hair scattered down, highlighting the sense of femininity while also a little more feminine, with Blingbling’s diamond heart-shaped earrings, delicate and playful, so beautiful that people can’t take their eyes off.

If you want to wear a casual style for daily life, you can learn this outfit, short white T-shirt layered with a delicate coat, black and white mixed coat shows the nobility of small fragrant materials, more casual while not losing the temperament of a celebrity, with a small brooch on the chest, low-key and textured.

In fact, such a jacket is easy to cause the problem of aging, and the black and white lines are too dense and not attractive, but fortunately, the matching of Wu Xin’s lower body saves this item. With a pair of rust red sports trousers, under the dark color of the more youthful vitality, but also greatly increase the recognition of the shape, wearing a certain ginger baseball cap, two distinct styles collide together, giving people a visual effect that cannot be ignored, both the delicate sense of a little woman and the sense of age reduction of a sports girl.

The technique of local bright colors is also an important method to master in dressing, and women with dull skin tones and poor bright colors must get! The classic white shirt can be layered with any item, and a black and white knitted dress bodice enriches the layering of the overall look and highlights the quiet ladylike temperament. Carrying an emerald green bag as embellishment, it instantly lights up the overall matching, which is more distinctive. With the shape of the ball head, it reduces age and refreshes.

Two. Fashion items are trendy and personal

The reason why many people are at the forefront of fashion is precisely because they choose a lot of fashionable items, and then “schemingly” match them, they are proper fashion bloggers!

For the small friends in the south, short sleeves can already be arranged, and if you want to be one step faster, you can imitate Wu Xin’s outfit. The cartoon print is added to the chest of the black T-shirt, which adds a sense of immaturity. Combined with the sleeves of the diamond mesh, it instantly makes the ordinary T-shirt match have a strong visual impact, retro and fashionable.

The shape of this T-shirt is slightly loose and can be adjusted by knotting or pulling up the hem. Wu Xin is paired with a pair of black trousers, and the material with a strong sense of drape is visually stretched vertically, and with the same black shoes, the legs are more slender on the original basis. Pair it with a silver geometric bag, it’s eye-catching!

How can you do without cardigan in early spring, the same white shirt as an underwear, layered knitted cardigan, full of feminine tenderness and beauty. The bold yellow dress is embellished with small white flowers, which is age-reducing and cute, and is definitely the focus of early spring wear! In addition to this oversized cardigan, you can also choose a small one for a sweet style!

When the upper body is already a wide piece, you must pay attention to the matching of the lower body, otherwise it will produce the illusion of five or five points of the figure. Follow the fashion of “missing lower body method”, with a short leather skirt, wind resistance and leg length. You can also wear it with shorts to play a heavy effect, step on black boots, longer boots can not only modify the thick line of the legs but also cover the body defects, full of fashion!

Through Wu Xin’s outfit, we have also learned a lot of dressing tips, if you are still very confused and can’t dress, you can take a look at Wu Xin’s outfit and become a goddess together!

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