In the hot summer, in addition to paying attention to freshness in clothing matching, the choice of shoes is also very important. It is indeed not easy to match a pair of shoes that are both tall and fashionable, but if you pay more attention to the entertainment industry and fashion industry recently, you will find that platform shoes have become a must-have concave shape weapon for trendy people.

Speaking of which, platform shoes used to be popular for a while, but after the trend of changing pair after pair, platform shoes have gradually become “obsolete shoes” that are disliked by everyone. Many people also find it bulky and tacky, and have no advantage over light and casual little white shoes or elegant and light ballet shoes. But what people never expected is that the platform shoes that have disappeared for a while have been brought by hipsters again this summer, let’s take a look at the matching of platform shoes today!

First of all, I want to talk to you about the style choice of platform shoes. Nowadays, there are more and more styles of platform shoes, but personally I think the most practical and fashionable ones are the following.

1. Platform sandals

Platform sandals are an absolute must-have this summer. Some Jimei feel that flip-flops are too casual to wear, and there is no high effect, so it is better to try Song Yanfei’s same thick-bottomed sandals, the furry design does not seem to be suitable for summer, but contrasts with cool T-shirts, especially when the indoor air conditioner is turned on, wearing it can also avoid cold feet.

If you want to make the overall look coordinated, it is recommended that you can choose platform sandals of the same color as the clothes, Wang Ou and Song Yanfei have made a good demonstration, the former white print T-shirt and the same color plush sandals complement each other, the latter wears a pink short top and pink platform shoes perfectly combined, girly burst.

Of course, wearing plush platform sandals in the big summer, not to mention how hot it is. It is recommended that Jimei try to choose the style of light and thin material, it is not easy to feel cumbersome under the foot, and it will be lighter to wear, in addition to the basic black and white colors, eye-catching tones are more suitable for the bright season of summer, such as the popular avocado green in these two years is very good-looking.

2. Platform boots

When it comes to the top of the shoe industry in recent years, Martin boots are definitely the first to bear the brunt. Whether this shoe is paired with skirts or pants, whether it is to create a sweet style or a cool style, it can make the wearer reflect a unique personality. Especially Jimei, who is not tall enough, can also be combined with platform boots to shape good proportions, such as Song Yanfei’s Martin boots below, which are full of highlights, plus tie-dye elements, which can be described as eye-catching.

The matching of platform Martin boots will be slightly bulky if you are not careful, it is recommended that you combine light skirts, small white skirts and printed skirts are its good partners, the sassiness of platform boots and the femininity of dresses are neutralized together, making you instantly fashionable up several steps.

In addition to dresses, you can also try to match the casual style of long T-shirts, see that Wen Bixia, who is 55 years old, is still following the trend, a pair of black platform boots with a loose long T-shirt, the technique of missing the lower body shows long legs, this figure and skin state is really enviable.

3. Thick-soled small white shoes

Basic little white shoes must be tired of wearing, smart little fairies can learn Yang Mi’s following this match, long striped T-shirt, with a pair of thick-soled small white shoes, instantly lengthen the line of the lower body, but also can show a sporty feeling.

Platform little white shoes have the freshness of basic small white shoes with a slightly heightened effect, which is also a versatile weapon. Look at Xu Lu using it with a taro purple doll collar dress, gentle and playful, girly feeling. And Li Feier is wearing a black suit leather jacket with a portrait T-shirt to become a cool girl, wearing high-top platform small white shoes to dress up trendy and tall, walking with wind and beauty.

After choosing the right platform shoes, for the matching of platform shoes, if you want to be more daily, it is recommended that you refer to the following two sets of look dressing methods.

1. Platform shoes + flared pants

The combination of platform shoes and trousers may seem cumbersome, but it is an extremely fashionable set of CPs that can instantly stretch your legs and visually look tall and thin. For example, Meng Meiqi’s airport street photo, the lower body of flared trousers with black platform shoes, instantly makes people travel back to the eighties of the last century, full of retro style.

2. Platform shoes + socks

Yang Mi, as the famous “Queen of Beautiful Legs” in your circle, also likes to appear in the photo with platform shoes + stockings recently, look at the following airport private clothes, polka dot stockings themselves are very sexy, and black platform leather shoes mixed and matched, under the background of oversized suits, more slender and slender legs, beautiful to a new height.

I think that stockings are not easy to control, you can play with the mix of platform shoes and socks like a female star, Zhou Jieqiong is wearing a floral top with a denim short skirt, stepping on a pair of Mary Jane platform shoes, tying balls with a youthful atmosphere, the overall shape looks fresh and sweet, heat-absorbing and sweat-absorbing socks, even if worn in summer, it will not be stuffy.

Reba’s hot private clothes two days ago are also borrowed from the thick-soled sandals with black socks, and the black floral skirt on the body forms a strong contrast, which can be salt and sweet, interpreting a different summer style, and the waist line is really amazing.

Knowing the platform shoes that reappeared this summer, the sisters have not hurried to arrange it, and the small man can instantly have long legs~

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