Recently, CDMA is hot because Redmi K30 5G version does not support telecom CDMA, only supports telecom LTE, because this matter many people are dissatisfied with Xiaomi’s approach, because this may affect some telecom users, this thing can really not be said to be Xiaomi deliberately, but telecom clearly requires that from 2020, 5G mobile phones are not allowed to support CDMA.

Why should this be? For mobile phone manufacturers, no longer supporting CDMA can reduce the intersection

Qualcomm tax

, because most of the CDMA patents are in the hands of Qualcomm, and Qualcomm’s tax collection model is to collect taxes whether you use my parts or not, and it is taxed according to the price of the mobile phone, how much to pay per mobile phone, because of this reason in fact, many manufacturers of CDMA mobile phones are unwilling to produce CDMA mobile phones.

Even the rich Apple can’t stand Qualcomm’s approach, let alone other manufacturers? Of course, Qualcomm is also because of this

Self-inflicted consequences

, CDMA as the former 3G standard because of Qualcomm’s insatiable greed can not be promoted globally, everyone believes

The excellent technology of CDMA was played to death by Qualcomm’s own Qualcomm tax

, which also led to the United States being overtaken by other countries and regions in the competition of 4G and 5G.

Why Telecom Withdrew CDMA

So why did China Telecom decommission CDMA? First of all, one more network means one more set of devices, and these are needed

Maintenance costs

In the 5G era, telecommunications do not have so many manpower and material resources to maintain so many networks. The second will be returned

CDMA frequency band for re-farming

In fact, many places have begun to withdraw the 3G CDMA2000 network, and telecom has cleared the 800MHz band and opened LTE on it.

And finally, there is

The conditions are ripe

In the 4G era, China Telecom’s positioning of CDMA is mainly voice communication, and the LTE construction of the same station is also carried out on the base station with CDMA equipment, and the 800MHz mentioned earlier is also used for LTE, therefore

LTE coverage will not be much worse than CDMA

In other words, telecom LTE coverage is not much worse than CDMA, and so

New mobile phones use VOLTE to make calls, and there is rarely only CDMA and no LTE.

How Telecom Returns CDMA

Speaking of CDMA actually

CDMA is divided into CDMA 1X and CDMA 2000 (EVDO)


CDMA 1X is 2G technology.

And C

DMA 2000 is 3G technology

, and China Telecom will choose

Withdraw the CDMA 2000 first

, because CDMA 2000 does not support voice, and CDMA 2000 has a downlink rate of up to 3.1M and an uplink rate of up to 1.8M, which is undoubtedly a chicken-like existence.

As for the withdrawal of CDMA 1X, because there is still a more multi-function machine, it is estimated that it will take a while to clean up, so it can only be let in 2020

CDMA is no longer supported for 5G terminals

, and will be vigorously promoted in the future

VOLTE’s feature machine

, does not rule out the activity of charging the phone fee to send the mobile phone, after all, compared to the cost of patent fees and maintenance handed over to Qualcomm, this money may really be nothing.

How does China Mobile Unicom detach from the network?


Telecom plans to retire all 23G networks

So is there any plan for mobile and Unicom?

Mobile has retired the TDS-CDMA 3G network entirely

At present, there are only three networks of 2G, 4G and 5G, and 2G will be withdrawn in the future, but considering that the mobile user base is the largest, it is also relatively difficult. As for

In terms of Unicom, the plan is to retire the 2G network

However, also because there are more 2G users, there are also greater difficulties, but in contrast, the network withdrawal of mobile and telecom is ahead of Unicom.

Regarding the specific network withdrawal plans and situations of the three major operators, you can find it

Toutiao APP search box


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, check the specific withdrawal plan and time point, so that you can also have a bottom when buying a mobile phone for your family.

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