Rice cooker is a must-have product for every family, some families may have more than one, but how to choose a good-looking and easy-to-use rice cooker Do you know? In the past two years, with the increase of the population at home, the rice cooker with a capacity of 3 people that I used to buy and use is obviously a little small, so the idea of wanting to replace it has been a long time, and I personally have been picking it on the Internet for a long time.

First of all, it must be a big brand, after all, the big brand has a guarantee in quality, followed by a larger capacity (after all, I am replacing it because of the capacity), and finally the function and appearance, after some selection, finally settled on a Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3, after a period of use, it is indeed very good, today I will share with you the specific use experience.

First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance, Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 is different from the traditional rice cooker shape on the market, can be said to be a new type of design, the whole is composed of three parts of visual water tank, host, pot, if you take it to some older people to see, it should be difficult to associate it with a rice cooker, very textured. And its workmanship is also extremely exquisite, using mirror technology, ABS anti-scratch panel, in order to ensure the advantages of wear and scratch resistance, but also allow us to better clean the product itself.

At the same time, the top of the Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 is a large control interface, with a lot of cooking modes, including fast steamed rice, low-sugar rice, boiled porridge, porridge, porridge, delicious steaming, steamed chicken, etc., and there is also a voice broadcast function when used, which is very friendly to families with elderly people and can effectively prevent misoperation.

The way to use is very simple, but the principle of cooking the Joyoung steam rice cooker S3 is still very different from the traditional rice cooker. When steaming rice, the product itself is formed by a micropressure of 56kPa to form 120 degrees of steam, which is directly injected into the food through the energy bar of the machine body and the inner tank, and the steam released instantly can make the rice grains in the rice cooker tumble, so that the rice grains can attract moisture more evenly, and steam the rice in the form of steam to make the taste better.

In order to make it easier for us to clean, the inner tank of Joyoung Steam Rice Cooker S3 adopts an uncoated vacuum inner tank, which has obvious advantages over the traditional coated inner tank. First of all, the uncoated inner tank is not afraid of rubbing, scratching, shoveling and other operations during daily cleaning, and the inner tank 304 stainless steel is also difficult to appear the risk of wear and drop; Secondly, it does not stick to the pot, I believe that many friends have the situation of sticking to the pan when steaming rice in the rice cooker, cleaning is really too difficult, and the inner tank of the Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 itself comes with physical anti-sticking, cleaning is very convenient.

I also learned through the official that in order to facilitate our more use needs in the future, the manufacturer also launched different inner tank accessories for the Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3, which are standard glass steaming plate, disinfection inner tank, double-layer insulation inner tank, etc., you can directly consult customer service for details when purchasing products.

Next, let’s try it with the Joyoung Steam Rice Cooker S3 and actually make a pot of rice. Put the cleaned rice into the inner tank, and then add the purified water to the visual water tank, through the front operation interface we choose the mode we want to steam, here I choose low-sugar rice, and then start, the rest of the time we only need to wait for the rice cooker to finish the voice prompt, very simple, and if you have students who need to go to school in the morning, Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 also has an appointment function, which is also very intimate in use.

Through the experience of steaming rice in the past few days, Jiuyang Steam Rice Cooker S3 has done a very good job in steaming rice, the rice grains are heated evenly, it tastes very soft and sticky, the taste is great, and secondly, there is no need to worry about the capacity, even 4-5 people are enough to eat. And after using it, I found that the inner tank of the Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 has a heat preservation function, and it can also ensure that the rice will not be cold within 4 hours without plugging in, which is really intimate.

Of course, Jiuyang Steam Rice Cooker S3 is certainly not only able to steam a pot of good rice, it can also steam some corn, purple potatoes, yam and other foods through delicious steaming, and steaming This cooking method is compared to the traditional cooking method, in addition to having a better taste, it can also lock the nutrients of the ingredients themselves, which is a very healthy way to cook.

Similarly, we can use a glass steaming plate to steam fish, when we choose the steamed fish mode, the time displayed on the Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 is 15 minutes, of course, we can also adjust the duration according to our own needs, I made a fish piece here, is it delicious.

And the steam pot chicken function of Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 is even more useful, we only need to wash the ingredients needed for the steam pot chicken and place them in the inner tank, and you don’t need to add a drop of water to the ingredients to get a pot of “waterless chicken hot”. The principle of making this dish is to use the condensation of steam and force out the moisture of the ingredients themselves to make a delicious steaming pot chicken, which is really original.

In addition, we can also scan the QR code on the fuselage to view more recipes, and each dish has a detailed operation video explanation, so that a white person who can’t cook can become a delicious chef. Moreover, the steam temperature of Jiuyang steam rice cooker S3 can reach 120 degrees, compared to the boiling point of 100 degrees of our traditional rice cooker on the market, 120 degrees can not only make the rice cooked more thoroughly, but also make the meat softer.

After this period of experience, I am still very satisfied with the performance of Joyoung Steam Rice Cooker S3 this product, first of all, the quality of the product, Joyoung as a first-line manufacturer, has a good user reputation in the market, product research and development capabilities are strong. Take this product for example, it has also won a number of technical patents, such as frame structure/energy bar/inner tank side outlet, etc., and its product design is also in line with the aesthetic needs of young people.

Secondly, it adopts a different from the traditional cooking method, the choice of “steaming”, the advantage of this is that it can retain the nutrients of the ingredients to the greatest extent, and it can also achieve different functions by replacing different inner tanks, such as the inner tank that comes with it can achieve steamed rice, delicious steaming, steamed chicken, etc., after replacing the glass inner tank, you can steam seafood, and the disinfection inner tank can realize the disinfection of the baby’s bottle, which is really a multi-purpose machine. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to it!!

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