Many girls in winter, are they wearing cotton pants, although the warmth effect is good, but it is thick and unsightly, and it is very clumsy to walk. In fact, some women who know how to match, they have long been out of cotton pants, like this year’s popular “shark pants”, is the first choice in winter, it is not only versatile, but also particularly thin and foreign, friends who just know, you can get up!

What are “shark pants”?

“Shark pants” as the name suggests, because it visually resembles the luster of sharks, so it is named “shark pants”. As a new item launched this year, don’t look similar to cotton pants from a distance, but the fabric of shark pants will be more advanced.

In particular, its elasticity is very large, which can fully meet the requirements of fat people, and it also has the effect of lifting buttocks and showing leg length, which is comfortable and warm to wear, and because it is synthesized by special fabrics, the thinning effect is also a must,

How to match shark pants:

1. Match cotton clothing

Keep warm & atmospheric

Shark pants are a type of pants that can be worn alone, whether with a short coat or a long coat. Of course, the last thing that is lacking in winter is cotton clothing.

It is paired with shark pants, which can not only lighten the bloat of cotton clothing, but also add a slimming effect to the whole. In particular, the design of shark pants is relatively simple, so if you want to add fashion, you can reflect it from the matching.

Look shark pants + long cotton jacket + high socks

If you want to highlight the age-reducing effect, then like this yellow cotton suit, the long fit, raises the overall temperature, and the color is very bright, and it will be eye-catching when worn.

Instantly let people have a fresh and vulgar taste, with a pair of shark pants underneath, simple and atmospheric, because shark pants are particularly thin, so they will not make the cotton clothes look dragging, on the feet with a pair of high socks, the sense of fashion is immediately highlighted.

Second, with lamb hair

Foreign qi & thinness

If you want to highlight the line of shark pants, then you can choose a short coat, such as the lamb wool coat that is indispensable in winter, which is very good to match, but lamb wool is a big hit in winter.

But because of its plush texture, it is easy to wear the feeling of tiger back and bear waist, so that many girls dare not start, and its practical combination with shark pants can easily solve this problem.

Look shark pants + lamb wool coat

When choosing lamb wool and shark pants, in addition to being more foreign, you can also choose the “loose and tight” wearing method, which mainly creates a sense of atmosphere for beautiful legs, which not only diverts attention, but also reflects the line of the legs.

Like this short lamb wool, the hem is slightly open with shark pants, and the lower body will appear particularly slender, which can neutralize the slightly fat feeling of the upper body, and also make the legs appear slimmer.

3. Wear a baseball uniform

Personality & high

Generally speaking, baseball uniforms are relatively handsome items, and it has a touch of casual taste, is the best choice for daily wear, and baseball uniforms are not picky, and they are particularly simple to match, like with this year’s popular shark pants, it is very tacit.

And the shark pants are particularly thin and high, and the general baseball uniforms are mainly short, so their combination will look more personal.

Look shark pants + baseball uniform sweatshirt

In addition to the classic style of baseball uniform jacket, there is also this stand-up collar baseball uniform sweatshirt, which is also highly sought after, especially for student parties, and the simple style will look particularly sunny and youthful.

Especially this black and white matching method, with a white sweatshirt on top, creates a bright spot, and a pair of black shark pants below, the color is particularly coordinated, and it has a thin and tall feeling when worn, even if you close your eyes.

After reading the matching of shark pants above, was it fanned by it? If you want to show off your legs in winter, then shark pants are really the way to go!

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