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Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point Reporter: Vegetables and fruits have vitamins and minerals, so many children don’t like to eat vegetables, can you eat more fruits? Are vegetables and fruits interchangeable?

Texas CDC health education expert Ma Tingting:

Although vegetables and fruits have many similarities in terms of nutritional content and health effects, they are different food groups with their own nutritional values, with far more varieties of vegetables than fruits, and vegetables (especially dark green vegetables) containing much more vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and plant compounds than fruits. Therefore, fruits cannot replace vegetables. In the diet, fruits can supplement the insufficient intake of vegetables, fruits in sugar organic acids and so on than fresh vegetables, and fruits do not need to be heated before eating, their nutritional content is not affected by cooking factors, so vegetables can not replace fruits.

Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point Reporter: Now the pace of life is fast, there are many fruit processing products such as fruit juice and dried fruit brewing on the market, when traveling or going out, it is much more convenient to carry fruit with you than to bring fruit, can fruit products such as fruit juice replace fresh fruit?

Since fresh fruits are generally difficult to store for a long time, carrying and ingesting are more troublesome, so people have invented various fruit processing products to extend the shelf life and facilitate consumption. Common fruit products include fruit juice, canned food, preserved fruit, dried fruit, etc. Fruit juice will cause the loss of vitamin C and dietary fiber during the pressing process, and the preserved fruit marinating process uses too much sugar, and the loss of vitamins is also too much. Fruit products lose the sensory and natural aroma characteristics of fresh fruits, so they cannot replace fresh fruits. Using fruit juice instead of fruit is also not good for children’s health, and it is easy to make children’s teeth lack exercise, facial skin muscle strength weakened, and the adjustment function of the eyeball weakened. But everything is not absolute, when you need to be convenient to carry or lack fruit, you can temporarily supplement it with juice.

Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point Reporter: There is another question Teacher Ma, when do fruits usually eat?

Most people do not have high quality breakfast food, and it is recommended to eat some fruits in moderation; In order to control weight, adults eat fruits before meals, which is conducive to controlling the total amount of meals and avoiding oversatiety; As a snack between meals, to hydrate and get nutrients.

Texas CDC health education expert Ma Tingting:

Texas CDC health education expert Ma Tingting:

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