The polo shirt worn by dad in 2018 is very popular, and this style makes your look more fashionable in summer, and the upper body is small and fresh and reduces age!


1, 2018 dad wore polo shirt is very hot, this blue striped shirt, small freshness, cotton shirt fabric, wear the body light and breathable, using vertical stripe design, visually it is very high sense of sight, very design, shirt placket button design, convenient to wear, loose fit, not much to pick the figure, cover the flesh and show thinness, with personality white jeans below, summer so to make your look more fashionable!

White polo collar shirt with pink A-line skirt

2, sweet suit, girls who love beauty are not less, the top is the Polo shirt worn by the very hot dad in 2018, pure color, youth and clean, Polo neckline design, capable and sharp, square neck pocket red-crowned crane embellishment, make your style more fashionable, fitted cut, short design, wear in summer to show the playful and casual girlish temperament, the lower body is an A-line short skirt, paired with a high-waist design, showing thin while lengthening the proportion of the body, very high effect, It turns out that the ugly polo shirt is so fashionable to match like this, did you know?

Pink polo collar shirt with denim skirt

3, pink and tender items believe that many girls love, summer wear this pink striped shirt is very suitable, is the more popular dad in 2018 wear shirt style, more casual casual one, polo neckline design, modify the face shape, undo a button, highlight the collarbone line, reveal a little sexy heart, long sleeve style, hot summer, and this sun protection effect, dropped shoulders and hem tied with a bow, creating a short front and back length fit, too fashionable, Wear a denim skirt to add a lot of sweetness to your entire look, whether you go to work or shopping.

Commuter polo collar shirt paired with red strap skirt

4. When you see this white polo collar shirt, did you think of the shirt your father wore for the first time? Polo collar shirt for commuting, classic fashion, the design of unbuttoning a button at the neckline, will not look decent, a little fashionable, flower print on the back, so that the back looks like some femininity, solid color, add the fresh and elegant temperament of the little girl, straight loose fit, cover the flesh to show thinness, with a red strap skirt, let you change the girl’s temperament next door in seconds.

Black and white striped polo shirt with black slacks

5. When you see this classic striped shirt, does it immediately make you think of the polo collar shirt that your father wears at work? Polo neckline with black and white stripe decoration, clean and capable, so that the original simple white workplace formal shirt looks more fashionable, loose fit upper body is very aura, vertical stripe design is very thin and tall effect, both casual feel and fashionable, with black slacks, showing the temperament of urban workplace women.

The polo shirt worn by dad in 2018 is very popular, and this will make your look more fashionable in summer!

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