What brand of multifunctional electric pot is good, and what is the principle of multifunctional electric cooker? There are many types of electric pots, the market is uneven, in many cases we can not accurately choose a cost-effective electric cooker, but don’t worry, after reading this article you will know how to choose an electric pot.

What brand of multifunctional electric cooker is good

1 Subor SUPOR (400-8899-717, founded in 1994, pressure cooker industry standard drafting unit, large cookware R & D manufacturer, safety pressure cooker/ball kettle IH rice cooker/uncoated stainless technology well-known market, Zhejiang Subor Co., Ltd.)

2 Aishida ASD (0576-86199888, founded in 1978, non-stick pan/pressure cooker industry standard drafting unit, mainly engaged in a series of cookware and kitchen appliances R & D/design/production/sales of enterprises, Zhejiang Aishida Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)

3 CookerKing (400-8800-315, founded in 1983, a well-known domestic health cookware brand, focusing on health cookware/electrical appliance R & D/production and sales enterprises, Zhejiang CookerKing Cookware Co., Ltd.)

4 Joyoung (0531- 85607901, started in 1994, influential brand in the small household appliance industry, a modern enterprise focusing on the research and development/production/sales of healthy eating appliances, Joyoung Co., Ltd.)

5 Lingfeng LINKFAIR (0766-2956666, founded in 1993, Guangdong famous brand, set stainless steel series kitchenware R & D and design / manufacturing / export trade / independent brand sales as one of the enterprise group, Guangdong Lingfeng Group Co., Ltd. )

6 Zhenneng ZHENNENG (400-1111-319, started in 1987, specializing in the production of stainless steel daily and kitchen tableware products and household appliances in eastern Guangdong enterprises, with complete specifications / exquisite craftsmanship / novel shape / excellent quality by consumers trust and praise, Guangdong Zhenneng Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd. )

7 MEYER (400-6760-560, founded in the United States in 1951, a well-known brand in the global pot and pan industry, advocating the close combination of food/creativity and quality lifestyle, excellent supplier of global tableware, Meiya (China) Trading Co., Ltd.)

8 LOCK & LOCK (400-820-7919, founded in 1978, world-renowned airtight container provider, best-selling global fresh-keeping box and life sealed container brand, Shanghai Lockou Buckle Trading Co., Ltd.)

9 Shunfa SHUNFA (0768-6678888, established in 1993, stainless steel vacuum vacuum flask supplier, focusing on stainless steel cookware/insulation products research and development/design/production/sales of modern comprehensive enterprises, Guangdong Shunfa Hardware Products Co., Ltd.)

10 Shunda SND (0663-3296236, an early/large-scale stainless steel ware R&D/manufacturer in eastern Guangdong, including stainless steel pressure cooker/kitchenware/electric heating appliances, etc., Guangdong Shunda Stainless Steel Ware Industrial Co., Ltd.)

The working principle of the multifunctional electric cooker

Heating principle

Multi-function electric pot The bottom of the multi-function electric pot body is heated by a heating plate, and the inside of the heating plate is 500W, 800W, 800W, and three independent heating tubes are heated, and the heating tube is wrapped with a heat conductive sheet above and below to form a heating plate. Through the brazing overlay process, the heating plate and the pot body are firmly welded as one. The heating tube heating heats the food by evenly conducting heat to the bottom of the pot through a heat conductive sheet. Its heating structure has extremely high heating efficiency and extremely low failure rate.

Control principle

Three independent heating tubes have three through-switch controls, the switch control heating tube power is 500W, 800W, 800W, through the switch combination can adjust the fire power you need. Some styles of electric pots have four switches, which are three heating switches and a heat preservation switch, and the insulation switch controls the internal insulation thermostat, which can keep the electric pot within a low insulation temperature range.

Safety devices

A safety thermostat is provided inside the bottom of the pot, which can make the electric pot always run within a safe temperature range and prevent the occurrence of fire and electricity leakage caused by overtemperature. There is not a waterproof platform on the bottom switch and socket part, which can prevent dripping water from entering the electrical part and causing danger.

Features, benefits

Multi-function electric pot caused by simple structure, so it has a low failure rate, easy to use and other characteristics, multi-function electric pot can be fried, frying, frying, searing, boiling, shabu and other multi-function, is the most functional, the lowest failure rate of many pots.

Korean electric pot because of its four-square pot design, so it is only suitable for frying, searing, does not have the functions of frying, frying, shabu, etc., single function, slightly higher failure rate.

Cup electric pot, the diameter of the pot is small, usually below 20CM, its heating power is also low, so it only has the function of cooking, usually suitable for instant noodles, single function, high failure rate, only suitable for student dormitory instant noodles.

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