Mijia’s products are cheap, affordable, and of good quality, I am also a fan of Mijia, and I have also used a lot of Mijia’s smart home products, but there is a product, only the sunflower brand on the market is more satisfactory, that is, smart boot socket products.

It is undeniable that all smart sockets can be remotely powered on with the recovery function of the motherboard. However, after using the socket APP to remotely boot the computer, if you want to control it remotely, do you need to use another APP? And Sunflower’s smart socket does not exist in this situation, it only uses an APP to get remote boot, remote control, at present, Sunflower is the best in terms of software and hardware combination, there is no one, this is Mijia, Huawei and other brands of smart sockets are incomparable.

I’m giving you a new experience today.

Sunflower smart socket C2, this socket is not expensive, but it is rich in functions and convenient to use. The socket is square design, the jack is a new national standard five-hole, with safety door, the maximum power is 2500W.

The size of C2 is 44mm*55mm*51mm, which is very small and very compact, which has the advantage that it will not occupy too much space on the power strip, and it will not crowd the holes of other sockets.

The socket has a reset switch on the side, this switch is integrated with the LED indicator, the indicator can be turned off in the APP, this intimate little design, so that those who are sensitive to light express that they are very comfortable.

The socket is relatively simple to use, the first step is to bind the socket to the APP, download the dandelion control APP on the mobile phone, click the “+” sign in the upper right corner – add smart hardware – socket——, according to the prompt, enter the network password, you can bind the socket. Android mobile phone binding has a certain chance of failure, it is recommended that you use an Apple mobile phone, you can succeed at one time.

After binding the socket, enter the socket management page, the socket will prompt you to bind the host, at this time, connect the power cord of the computer to the socket, go to the BIOS to find the AC Recovery function of the motherboard, and turn it on, so that you can use the remote power off and power up function of the socket to remotely boot the computer.

After the computer is turned on, download a Sunflower X, after installing and logging in, the software will prompt you to bind the host, just click Confirm the binding.

At this time, back to the mobile APP, you can then bind the socket to the host, the host that bound the account on the computer in front has been displayed in the list, after clicking, you can bind. Then the APP pops up prompts, you need to plug in and turn on AC Recovery function, which we have already operated earlier and can be skipped.

First look at the function of the socket, you can set the countdown, set the timer, you can also monitor the power, need to pay attention to it, in the socket interface of the countdown and timing are for the socket, if you want to switch on and off the computer regularly, you need to go to the device management settings to modify. The socket has a power off memory function switch and an indicator switch, which can be modified according to your own needs.

In the device column, the display is the status of the host, if the host is not turned on, click on the device when out is to open the device switch, after clicking, the APP will power on the socket, the motherboard has opened the AC Recovery function, will also follow the boot. After your computer finishes booting, you’ll see your online status.

At this time, click on the online device, you will enter the host function interface, which has desktop control, desktop viewing, camera, CMD, shutdown and restart and other functions. Remote control is the key point, with mobile phones, tablets, computers can be remotely controlled, with mobile phone remote control is more convenient, on the mobile phone can be virtual keyboard, mouse to remotely control the computer, through the mobile phone can complete office, hang-up, queue, rush purchase, punch and other functions.

After using the computer, you can also use the mobile phone to remotely shut down, when the remote shutdown, you do not need to use the simulated mouse to find the start menu, directly click shutdown in the host function bar will pop up the option to reduce shutdown or restart. The shutdown here is a gentle shutdown, that is, this is a system-level shutdown, and after the socket detects that the computer system is shut down, it will delay the power off to the socket. This shutdown method will not harm the data on the computer’s motherboard and hard disk.

How, after the experience, is this socket really a deep combination of hardware and software as I said earlier. If you use other brands of sockets to remotely boot up, in addition to the socket itself APP, it is inevitable to download the Sunflower remote control software, and with this socket, an APP can complete the power on and off and remote control function, in the remote boot and remote control mode, is this socket 10 times stronger than Xiaomi, Huawei and other brands?

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