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When choosing a mobile phone protective case, I believe that many people will not consider just simple protection, and the aesthetics and personalization of the protective case should be considered factors. Today, I will share with you a very trendy NPC Apple iPhone 5/5s protective case, and thank my colleague and hipster Tang Xiaoxu for his friendship.

MLGB iPhone 5/5s case review

Mobile phone protective cases are divided into materials, including metal shells, ordinary plastic shells, silicone shells, etc., of which silicone shells should be regarded as the best feeling, and the protection is very good; For housing manufacturers, its plasticity is also relatively high.

Resilience is high

MLGB iPhone5/5s case

The Apple iPhone 5/5s protective case shared today comes from NPC (New Project Center), which is a trend store co-opened by the host Li Chen and singer Pan Weibai, I believe that friends who don’t know will definitely “think of it” when they see the “MLGB” in the first picture, I admit that I also misunderstood for a long time, and later learned that this is the abbreviation of “MY LIFE’S GETTING BETTER”… It’s still quite positive~

MLGB phone case design/feel/protection

MLGB is a themed series under the NPC brand, with a simple and vivid design style and dark and satirical design concept, combined with the hottest topics in the current society to launch eye-catching and thought-provoking products. Due to the peculiarity of this abbreviation, personality trends must be inseparable from it.

MLGB iPhone5/5s protective case has four color versions of black and red, purple camouflage, pastel camouflage and black and white, the style is very cartoonish, which is more in line with the taste of young users. The one in the author’s hand is a purple camouflage version, except for the word “MLGB” mixed with purple-pink camouflage, all others are black.

100% silicone material makes MLGB mobile phone case have high toughness and elasticity, in addition to excellent hand feeling, not easy to damage, Apple iPhone 5/5s can play a good protective role. However, due to the greater focus on personalized design, it also caused it not to consider its own volume. The unique shape of the MLGB protective case will make the iPhone 5/5s more “full”, so the fit with the mobile phone is slightly worse, and at the same time make the iPhone 5/5s larger and less portable.

One-handed grip effect

MLGB phone case combined with Apple iPhone 5/5s button and interface position matching design, power key and volume key feel is not bad, the button is slightly more laborious than no protective case, of course, this is understandable. Since there is a silicone frame around the HOME button, you need to put your thumb up a little more than normal when pressing the HOME button, but it is not difficult.

The bottom box makes the finger need to stand up a little more

HOME button on the top of the fuselage


Overall, this MLGB Apple iPhone 5/5s case from NPC is highlighted by “tide”, of course, the feel and protection are also very good. The disadvantage is that it will increase the size of the mobile phone, and the portability of the mobile phone will be reduced. In short, young personality users may like this phone case, especially its star products, and it may be loved by fans.

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