In the new year, you may wish to use one

Home textile big cleaning first “welcome”

, Clean and freshly moved into 2022 ~

Furniture for new ideas, in addition to clothing cleaning, home textile cleaning must not ignore! Now, the home textile is a new year, and the family is easily ignored, but must be cleaned home textiles ~


Towel replacement: 2-4 months

Towels belong to fiber fabrics, long-term time, and difficult to remove in deep fiber gap. Regular

Cleaning, dry, high temperature

Equally, it can only control the number of bacteria in a short period of time, and the bacteria cannot be permanently removed.

The towels that have been used for a long time will become dirty, and new pollution sources will also affect the health and comfort of the skin.

Therefore, the first “new” of the New Year, such as starting from the towel, give

The whole family is replaced with new towels, starting from “head”

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Pillowcase, cover, sheets:

Since the mites will be filled with skin cells from human body, mites and their feces will gradually be gradually accumulated on the bed; in addition to this, dust, cotton, fabric fiber, particulate, small insect, pollen, soil, sand and Cosmetics granules will come to “patron”.

Sometimes, if the quilt covered when you sleep at night, people will flow out more sweat, so that

The bed is humid, it is more likely to breed bacteria; and hair, dandruff, secreted body fluid and other bacteria will also accumulate

. Therefore, the new year, pillowcase, the bedding of this type of bedding is more necessary.

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Most easiest: pillow! Be sure to wash!

The life of the pillow is about one year.

The pillow is for too long, not only the support of the head and neck will be reduced, but also

The grease on the hair and scalp will penetrate into the pillow, breed bacteria, which is easy to cause allergies and respiratory diseases.

Therefore, the end of the year, no matter how good pillows can no longer be used, you must replace it.

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Wash the core! Trouble too!

The core is used up to 5 years.

The core, especially in winter, often because it is too thick, it is difficult to clean, so it is often a hotm bed of bacteria and mites. Therefore, the core should often take it out.

The summer quilt will also absorb more sweat in the use process, so it is necessary to clean it before the use of the accommodation, and dry it completely.

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Mattress: 小 虫 小,, don’t wash, etc.!

The mattress is used for 2-3 years.

In fact, mattresses are often easily ignored by the top towels, four sets, quilt products.

Many people may often wash the quilt, pillows, sheets of sheets, and few people noticed.

The mattress also needs to take it out and blow it.

And the mattress is too long, often there will be deformation, moisture, etc., so you have to maintain regularly.

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After reading this content, how long does it take to understand the best cycle of home textile replacement? In order to be healthy and high-quality sleep, the new year, everyone must remember the carefulness and replace home textile products in their own! Be

Raiding: Life is already so bitter, remember to be a little better, the snow is cold, and the enemy is not warm in the bedroom. The world is turning again, the enemy is not a soft in the dream.

Sleeping the warmest quilt, do the most fragrant dream ~ Even if it is winter, if you are in the oasis, like Mu Wenyang ~

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