With the improvement of people’s living standards, the most basic need to eat and wear warmth has become outdated, and people now must not only eat well and dress well, but also eat and wear grades. Therefore, the improvement of material life has also changed the figure of many people, and the era of thinness for beauty has become a thing of the past, but women with slightly fat bodies will be more temperamental and more popular.

Slightly fat can not really fat, really fat if you wear clothes will not look good, as a girl, it is best to control the weight within the standard range, such a slightly fat body is more attractive. Spring is the season to wear skirts, dresses are tired, you can try skirts, such as high-waist hip skirt + crystal high heels, which is a skirt matching that is very suitable for slightly fat women, elegant and shows the figure.


Tips for choosing a skirt that wraps around the hips

Tips(1): Features of hip-wrapping skirts

The hip skirt is a kind of close-fitting short skirt, which can be divided into sexy style and cute style according to style, and is a very popular fashion item. The hip skirt is especially suitable for mature women, and the sexy hip skirt adopts a hip wrapping design, which can highlight the curves of the woman’s body and is extremely beautiful. There are also many professional women who also like to use hip skirts to create a professional temperament, and the tight design just shows the beautiful curves of women’s bodies and adds feminine charm.

Tips(2): Start with the style

If a woman with a slightly fat body wants to wear a tall and straight effect, when choosing a hip skirt, it is best to focus on a high-waist style, which can easily create a high waist line, redefine the proportion of the body, and wear the effect of showing height and thinness. Secondly, we must also pay attention to the length of the hip-wrapping skirt, try not to choose a miniskirt, which will give people a very dusty feeling. The length is best controlled near the knees, which makes it easier to create a dignified and elegant effect, and this length skirt is also especially suitable for professional women.

Tips(3): Start with color

When choosing a color, you need to consider two factors, figure and skin color, slightly fat women can choose some colors with better slimming effects, such as black and navy blue, these two colors not only slim and thin the effect, but also create a rigorous sense of professionalism. If it is a girl with a darker skin tone, then you can consider some low-saturation colors, such as beige, nude, etc., especially nude slimming effect is good, and do not pick skin color.


Tips for choosing crystal high heels

Crystal high heels are a very visual shoe, the style is divided into single shoes and sandals, as the weather gets hotter, it is more appropriate to choose crystal high heel sandals. The heel is designed with transparent crystal, and the upper is made of transparent PVC, which can wear the effect of bare feet and extend the length of the legs. Crystal high-heeled sandals make it easy to create long legs, and the versatile effect of crystal high-heeled sandals is also obvious to all, which can be said to be one of the must-have items for girls in summer.


Street photographer dressing demonstration

Look at this street photography expert, aged around thirty, and women in this age are the most likely to be blessed. The beauty chose a nude high-waisted hip skirt, the length is just at the knee, and the back of the skirt has a high slit design, which is convenient for walking. Wear yours with a pair of sheer crystal high-heeled sandals and a high-rise hip skirt to accentuate proportions and long legs. The upper body wears a nude small turtleneck sweater, which is also a tight design, which not only reflects the elegant temperament of the beauty, but also highlights the curves of the slightly chubby body.

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