To be the most beautiful bride and perfectly control all aspects of the wedding, then you must not ignore the important supporting role in the wedding – the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids always help new brides to spend their wedding day gracefully. As a good sister, you must also hope that the girl who married you with you will be beautiful with you on this most important day!

Although choosing a bridesmaid dress is really a laborious and thankless thing, what style of bridesmaid dress is the most suitable for bridesmaids, and celebrity weddings have long given us the answer.

Material Jun sorted out the celebrities who have married in recent years, and most of the bridesmaids they have prepared are mainly one-shoulder and double-shoulder bridesmaid dresses, and the recent trend is to choose bridesmaid dresses of the same color and different styles.

For example, at the wedding, Lu Yi’s outfit for the bridesmaids was a cheongsam of the same color, the same style, and different patterns▼

When Li Xiaolu got married, she chose six sets of short skirt dresses of the same color for the bridesmaids▼

Although color is a big challenge for Asians, the overall effect is beautiful

Several of Zhang Xinyi’s bridesmaids are dressed without showing miracle lines and fragrant shoulders, but they are very princess-like, which not only does not steal Zhang Xinyi’s limelight but also makes the bridesmaids beautiful▼

Myolie Wu’s bridesmaid group is all beautiful to a certain extent, and it seems that they are all going to get married▼

The white bridesmaid dress for Xu Ruoxuan’s wedding is also so beautiful, every bridesmaid can directly become a bride when she takes it out▼

These bridesmaid dresses from Amway today are not only of excellent quality, but also absolutely infallible, allowing the bride and girlfriends to fry the sky together. Even celebrities get married, choose these brands~

Chen Yanxi’s bridesmaid group was awarded the title of “the most beautiful bridesmaid group in history” at her wedding. And among the two bridesmaid dresses of the bridesmaid group, the pink one is the most acclaimed!

△Mocha wedding

This bridesmaid dress is custom-made with the traditional pattern of “lion rolling hydrangea”, pink silk satin to highlight the superior texture, chic off-the-shoulder design, Chinese and Western ingenious combination, showing the bridesmaids’ most beautiful collarbones, and at the same time will give the best wishes to the bride and groom.

This modified Chinese dress also corresponds to a “sister model”.

The same embroidery theme and off-the-shoulder design, replaced with a red slim long skirt, accentuate the festive meaning and lengthen the proportions, making it a good choice for brides at weddings.


F4 member Zhu Xiaotian, who also got married this year, also had such a group of bright and beautiful scenery at his wedding with his beloved wife Han Wenwen.

The bridesmaids led by Che Xiao wore aqua blue split dresses, which were fresh and lovely, and also set off the bride Han Wenwen very beautifully.

It’s really you beautiful, I am beautiful, everyone is beautiful!

This bridesmaid gown features a Chinese stand-up collar top with a delicate pleated horse skirt and a wide waistband with classic and traditional touches that delicately outline the bridesmaids’ slender waist details.

Light aqua blue silk fabric highlights the cool and pure texture. The combination of embroidered fabric with translucent effect with Chinese characteristics and heavy silk collides with a looming visual effect, sometimes stable and sometimes flowing.

The bridesmaid dress for Jay Chou’s wedding was hand-selected by Kunling and specified to be made in sweet pink.

The design focuses on young and fashionable short dresses, and uses the gradient bow on the upper body and the wavy skirt to create a lively and beautiful style and rich line sense~

The bridesmaid dress worn by Guo Caijie was made by their family. In addition, Chen Zihan, Sun Qian, Zeng Kaiying, Bao Wenjing and other celebrities chose their wedding dress~

Huayi President Wang Zhonglei’s wedding was also a custom-made bridesmaid dress in Hello Magic Mirror.

Liu Shishi’s bridesmaid group wore a pink off-the-shoulder gauze dress, full of pink and fairy colors. Next to Liu Shishi, who is wearing a gorgeous phoenix robe, she will not look noisy, but next to the “aggressive” poetry, it is more like her “harem group”.

Liu’s three bridesmaids wore Jenny Yoo.

These bridesmaid dresses are all the same, but they all look different, which is the characteristic of Jenny Yoo’s dress, full of fairy, and can be worn in one dress.

The following beautiful pictures have been flooded with pictures of the circle of friends, and the bridesmaid dress is from Jenny Yoo~

The bridesmaid dress with broken flower elements is beautiful and very suitable for outdoor weddings~▼

Feng Ke and Zhang Liangying held a wedding in Italy, and after the photos of the wedding scene were exposed, many netizens said that the purple clothes of the fairy sister Liu Yifei were completely here to grab the camera…

I have to exaggerate Zhang Liangying, this time the bridesmaid dress is very careful! It is reported that each bridesmaid dress is from Tony Ward’s customized model, about 8500 euros (about 63649 yuan).

Look at the delicate floral decoration of this bridesmaid dress, full of fairy!

Purple gauze dresses are a common bridesmaid dress for celebrity weddings, but if the color is not right or not well dressed, it is easy to wear cheaply.

To be honest, although the purple bridesmaid dress for the baby’s wedding does not look very textured, it is acceptable after retouching…

Even cheaper than Baby’s purple bridesmaid dress looks like the purple bridesmaid dress at Big S’s wedding, which directly turns the star into an amateur▼

The same violet, Zhang Liangying’s purple bridesmaid dress and Big S’s purple bridesmaid dress, the gap between them is estimated to be as many as 100 baby wedding bridesmaid dresses…

Purchase method: Tony Ward official website / Tony Ward store / daigou

Many girls asked the material: “What if the budget for bridesmaid clothes is not so large?” ”

In fact, as long as the bridesmaid dress matches your wedding theme and has a certain unity (it can be color, style or accessories), you can do it!

Everyday puffy skirts are both versatile and creative!

In winter, you can use a puffy skirt with a plush fur coat, and the warmth is up up~

△Glossy image

Daily small dresses, exquisite and beautiful can go out on the street, and can hold a slightly grand occasion.

△ Photography May

The gauze skirt with a lace off-the-shoulder top is also a good choice, elegant and intellectual.

There are also floral dresses full of spring atmosphere, so you can participate in an outdoor wedding!

Even such a national-style dress, properly arranged, can be used as a bridesmaid dress.

△iResearch Photography Studio

Don’t forget, no matter what you wear, celebrating the wedding day with happiness and blessing is the most important thing!


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